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Behind Blue Eyes

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We're lucky to have the Blue Jay's visit again. They're nosiy so & so's but I just love to see them come and go........Our cheap backyard entertainment has been going on all summer long.......I hope they stay the winter..We shall see..We didn't see one all last winter...I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


"Blue Jays communicate with one another both vocally and with “body language,” using their crest. When incubating, feeding nestlings, or associating with mate, family, or flock mates, the crest is held down; the lower the crest, the lower the bird’s aggression level. The higher the crest, the higher the bird’s aggression level; when a Blue Jay squawks, the crest is virtually always held up."


"Blue Jays have a wide variety of vocalizations, with an immense “vocabulary.” Blue Jays are also excellent mimics. Captive Blue Jays sometimes learn to imitate human speech and meowing cats. In the wild, they often mimic Red-shouldered and Red-tailed hawks, and sometimes other species".


Have a great weekeend everyone!!

Best viewed LARGE ;)

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Taken on September 25, 2009