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Time For Me To Fly - Sharp-shinned Hawk (juvenile) | by flipkeat
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Time For Me To Fly - Sharp-shinned Hawk (juvenile)

EXPLORE #329, Feb 8/09

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This juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk is the one who came to visit our backyard a few weeks ago. I took this just before he flew off that branch.........

Don't you just hate a missed opportunity? lol My Husband was reading the paper yesterday when all of a sudden this Hawk landed on our deck railing not 4 feet in front of him. He shouted out for me to come and see...I of course scambled for my camera and by the time I got to the back window he was just taking off lol BOOHOO...This is the second time he's perched on our deck railing with no photo to prove it ...I'm sure he'll return again soon......

This missed opportunity made me go through my archives when I found this one. Of course we've named him COOP. (this was when we THOUGHT THIS WAS A COOPER's Hawk lol) We still call him COOP though lol.


"Very similar in plumage to Cooper's Hawk. Cooper's Hawk has proportionately longer tail, rounded at the tip. Cooper's Hawk is more robust and has a proportionately larger head. Adult Cooper's Hawk has a dark cap that contrasts with its back. Juvenile Cooper's Hawk has less streaking underneath and more white on the tip of the tail. In flight, the larger head of the Cooper's Hawk is apparent, sticking out farther in front of the wings."


"Juveniles brown on back and wings. Underparts with coarse brown streaks. Thin white eyestripe. Underwing white with dark brown barring. Eyes yellow."


Size: 24-34 cm (9-13 in)

Wingspan: 43-56 cm (17-22 in)

Weight: 87-218 g (3.07-7.7 ounces)


Small hawk.

Tail long, barred, and ends with a square tip.

Wings short and rounded.

Adults with blue-gray back and wings, reddish barring on underparts.


Crown and back similar in color.

Eyes red.

Undertail coverts white.

Toes long and yellow.


Enjoy! Best viewed LARGE.


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Taken on January 16, 2009