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For them what likes mistakes: a sesqui-found-photo | by Felip1
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For them what likes mistakes: a sesqui-found-photo

Well, sesqui- may not be the right prefix. How about semi-found?


I just got a Rollei Prego 125. Nice camera. Inside it was a roll that

seemed only to have had a couple of pictures taken on it. Well, I

used it to the end and had it developed. It appears the film was

indeed used once already, right to the end and then exposed to heat

and/or light, perhaps in a car window . . . I don't know. The film

canister must have sat in the light for a long time.


Here is the result of one of my pictures on that roll. A couple of

days ago, I took the picture of the two Lauras acting up for my

camera. It would have been a lovely picture, but little did I know

that it was over a landscape picture someone else had taken. The

original owner shot their picture turned one way while I shot mine

turned the other. Turning one, I have made two separate images from

the scan I got from my local WalMart.


The film was "Superdrug 100." The film edges are so badly wasted by

that purple haze that you see that I cannot read any edge markings, so

I don't know who made the film originally. Superdrug is a chain in

Britain -- perhaps someone remembers their in-house brand of film.

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Taken on May 25, 2012