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Twenty-five-year-old Ferrania film does another greenhouse | by Felip1
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Twenty-five-year-old Ferrania film does another greenhouse

I was paying attention to how many views Flickr told me my stream has had in the past six or seven years and I knew it was creeping up towards 200,000. As I have been getting around 100 views a day, I expected it (the 200M view) to happen mid-June sometime. But today someone must have looked at every single one of my pictures because the views jumped by well over 1500, and that brought my total views to 200,500. I was going to post a picture with some visual pun in it for the occasion, but I didn't have any ideas, so it's just as well View Two Hundred Thousand came as an invisible surprise.


This picture may do for the occasion. I don't know how many plants are in this picture; probably nowhere as many as 200,000. But it's a large number. So it can stand in for the total views on my stream.


This was shot on my very last roll of 126 Zeller's (3M Ferrania) HR100 film, film that expired in July 1990, and so might have been 25 years old. Shot at about two stops of over-exposure, it produced pretty good results. I have a dozen or so rolls of 1989-expired Kodak 126 film, but I imagine that emulsion will be very different.


I took this picture yesterday afternoon in one of the local commercial greenhouses. Not bad for a quarter-century old colour film. I used my Yashica EZ-Matic camera.

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Uploaded on June 5, 2012