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Defining Dimensions | by Absolute Chaos
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Defining Dimensions

Please check below to see animated or follow link to original size


The animation below represents the transition of matter from 0 - 3 dimensions within a three dimensional space. Although animated, I have chosen not to represent time, which I believe plays a much more important part in the construction of dimensions than I am able to convey here. For simplicity, I have chosen to ignore higher dimensions suggested in Super String Theory and have used a flat three dimensional space as the stage, but this could equally apply to curved space or other and changing dimensions of space.


The red nodes represent zero dimensions which pop in and out of existence due to fluctuations at the quantum level. The blue lines represent one dimension which come into existence when two nodes form a link and then the two dimensional plane is formed when the lines connect. Up to this point we are unaware that anything exist (as lease in the physical sense) and it is only when the planes connect and form a three dimensional solid in the physical world that we become aware of them. I am in fact suggesting that matter can be present in dimensions less than three and it is only if the dimensions connect and form three dimensions that we become aware of them.


Wireframe for cube based on applet from Pete Gray’s page in HouseOf3D which has other fun stuff and is worth visiting


This image is in parallel view but please click on the link below to see other Stereoscopic formats available from Schillr such as cross-view, wiggle and anaglyph (static image only):

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Uploaded on April 30, 2012