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Binocular Perspective | by Absolute Chaos
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Binocular Perspective

See animated image below or click on link


While perspective results from our seeing from a single point of view, most of us see in binocular vision with two eyes. This means that we see two slightly different images with different perspectives which our brain merges together to create a stereoscopic image, enhancing the feeling of form and depth. However, for close up objects, especially small ones, the difference in perspective does something rather strange to the object. Each eye sees predominately the left or right side of the object and the two halves are then jointed together to form a hybred version of the original object. This reduces the sense of perspective and the object appears flattened.


The background image is of moss and lichen growing on stone.


This image is in parallel view but please click on the link below to see other Stereoscopic formats available from Schillr such as cross-view, wiggle and anaglyph (static image only):


The cube was originally created in 3D Canvas 7 and the final scene animated in PhotoScape .


I have provided a translation of some of the tags I use on Flickr which you may find interesting


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Uploaded on April 26, 2014