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Parallel Dimensions | by Absolute Chaos
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Parallel Dimensions

Speculative view of how our three spatial dimensions, which appear to us as being at right angles to each other, are in fact one dimensional and parallel. Each spatial dimension interacts with time (shown in red), forcing it to spread out. In our flat universe these appear as being at right angles to each other, but these angles can change due to speed and gravity so that space can curve. Given enough distortion each spatial dimensions could appear to be at 120 degrees to each other and at right angles to time. I have also included other dimensions suggested by String Theory which are very small and only affect particles at a sub-atomic level.


J-P Metsavainio has kindly given permission to use his photo of the California Nebula


This image is in parallel view but please click on the link below to see other Stereoscopic formats available from Schillr such as cross-view, wiggle and anaglyph:


Wireframe for dimensions based on applet from Pete Gray’s page in HouseOf3D which has other fun stuff and is worth visiting


I have provided a translation of some of the tags I use on Flickr which you may find interesting

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Taken on December 21, 2010