Bangour Village Hospital
Originally the Edinburgh District Asylum, this beautiful place is vast and now sadly derelict.
Although the first patients were admitted in June 1904, Bangour was officially opened in October 1906.
Even from its earliest days Bangour was a modern, forward thinking hospital which frowned upon the use of physical restraints such as straitjackets and padded cells, which would have been commonplace in other institutions of the time.

The hospital was requisitioned by the government War Office during both wars when it was to become "Edinburgh War Hospital" and "Bangour War Hospital", reverting back to a psychiatric hospital between and after the wars.

The number of patients rose to over 3000 in 1918 so, as well as temporary marquees, prefabricated huts were erected to cope with the demand in bed space (for both patients and staff). This led to the creation of Bangour General, which was to become a world leader in many medical fields, in particular it's esteemed burns and plastic surgery unit which was established in 1940.

The General Hospital closed after the opening of St Johns in 1990 and nothing remains of the prefab huts.

The Village Hospital started to wind down after the opening of St Johns in the early 90's, with the last remaining ward, Villa 32, closing in March 2004.
Latterly it was used as the filming location for the film "The Jacket", produced by George Clooney and starring Keira Knightley and Adrian Brody.
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