SFR's Spring Populaire 3.31.12
Take your basic Point Reyes loop, throw in some rain, throw in some wind, then throw in some more wind. Mix it all up and you get about 10 lbs. of wet wool and a funny story to tell one day. For G. and P., it was their first SFR event, and the first time dealing with control cards and a running clock. T. paced us a good part of the day, making sure we weren't lagging too much. Me, I caused a lot of confusion and delay at the third control by positing that a ticket window should also count as a window. Much discussion ensued.

Memorable things:
- Trying and ultimately failing to source some crucial peanut butter pretzels at the corner stores in my new neighborhood the night before the ride.
- Leaning a new route to the bridge from the beach.
- Seeing P.'s Pegoretti for the first time. Beautiful machine.
- Meeting Mauricio Rebolledo during the ride. We talked some about bikes at Point Reyes Station. I didn't realize that his last name was Rebolledo and that he was the builder of the wonderful creamsicle pink Rebolledo.
- Admiring a nice blue Toei at several points during the ride.
- Riding with a few different groups throughout the day, commiserating about the rain and wind, and finally, celebrating the sunshine.
- A crew of at least a third of the registered riders sitting at Nicasio debating whether a ticket window should count as a window.
- Seeing more than a handful of tourists walk alongside of me and laugh as I pulled across the bridge as hard as I could at little more than walking speed.
- Almost being blown into the railing around the first stanchion of the GG Bridge.
- Getting checked in at the finish by Velocia and JimG.

Things that worked:
- The night before the ride, I packed a ziplock bag containing an extra, lightweight, longsleeve wool layer, a wool cap, wool gloves, and thick wool socks. In the morning, I almost left them at home thinking, why am I overpacking for such a basic ride? But my handlebar bag was nearly empty so there was a ton of room, and the extra set of clothes didn't weigh much at all. So, I threw the ziplock into my handlebar bag as I rolled out of the house. I was so glad that I brought them, as the rain died right around the time we were eating a sandwich at Point Reyes Station. I switched into the dry layers and it made the rest of the morning much more comfortable.
- My Kimura taillight. I wasn't sure how long the battery would last, so I brought an extra set. Turns out, the battery lasted the whole ride and then some, as I accidentally left it on until I got home. Also, I was afraid the light wasn't going to be powerful enough in bad weather, but judging from some pics I've seen of the ride, it was clearly visible.
- The Berthoud GB2286 bag. It was plenty big enough to hold the extra layers, plus some food, with some wiggle room to stow my rain jacket when not needed.
- Wool. I was drenched, but my hands and feet did okay in the cold.

Things that did not work:
- Pop tarts. I forgot that I don't do so well with sweets on these type of rides. I ended up eating five of them though, as I needed the fuel to fight the cold.
- My front rack mounting arm failed :( I'm trying to diagnose it right now. On the way to the start, I noticed the light was pointed downwards too much for my liking. So, I repositioned it before we headed off for the ride, by loosening the nut, angling the light better, and then tightening the nut back up. On the way back home on the bridge, I heard something give and then the Edelux was swinging loosely from the rack. The mounting bolt had sheared away from the mounting arm. Add another item to my to-do list.
- My camera shutter stopped working about mid-way through the ride. Works now though. Maybe it just wanted to stay in bed that morning. Who can blame it?
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