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Shelf portrait | by Mr. Flibble
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Shelf portrait

Same view everyday.


Wish they'd point me somewhere interesting. I mean... how hard would it be to leave my frame pointed at some wonder of the world? But no.. I have to spend my life looking at the kitchen.


I rarely bother to look out now. Hardly seems worth the effort.




Thanks all for the most excellent comments. It was a laugh making the photo and took very little PP effort even if it looks like a lot. I took over 100 torturous photos of myself trying to get the angle right for the frame, whilst being in focus and pulling an expression that was vaguely appropriate. Check the photo next in my photo stream for a small montage of face gurning.


If anyone is mad enough to follow suit, it's a simple enough approach....


It took me a while to realise that it would be far easier to make sure my fingers didn't go over the edge of the frame. That meant that I could cut the frame out perferctly without any crazy selection wizzardry - fancy stuff still befuddles me.


I copied the contents of this selection and pasted it into a picture of the frame and shelf that I had taken previously. Then I needed to drag the corners a little to make sure it fully lined up. The 100 or so photos were needed because if I was a little bit off with the frame geometry, I'd end up with a stretched looking face.


Getting the lighting right was simply a case of thrusting my head into almost exactly the same position that the frame was in on the shelf. I was careful to make sure the original picture of the frame wasn't in shadow and was far enough forward. That way, I'd be able to get my head somewhat close to the required position when I was jamming it through the picture frame.


Another tip: Bend the little bits of the frame that secure the glass in, back into the frame. I have a lovely little cut on my forehead from a rather exuberant frame frollick.


The only real tweak was to use the burn tool to darken the edge between my face and the frame. There was a bit of light coming through and it didn't exactly make it look convincing.


Anyway, Matron has just called me.. she has some new pills. These ones (she promises me) taste of wishes.




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Taken on March 9, 2006