• Kind of lucky to have this one bouncing just right to match the edge of the frame.
  • A little too much of the red-gelled light aimed for the upper cliffs caught here. If re-shooting we'd mask them out with black card.
  • That's me. The spinning could probably have been more symmetrical, I guess.
  • If re-shooting I'd put a diffuser (like a sock!) on the flashlight and go for a smoother line.
  • Most of this light delivered by gelled flash, rather than from the wire wool.

Trajectory (Wire Wool Spinning & Star Trails), Jurassic Coast

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This is a wire wool spinning shot from Winspit Cove on Dorset's Jurassic Cove. The trail up to the spinning is torch/flashlight as I groped my way up the piled rocks. Re-assessing things, that is my one regret with this image; I think it might have worked better if I'd used the flashlight to light the path up, then put a diffuser on it and concentrated on making sure there was a clean, single line the whole way back down. At the moment I think it's a little too patchy to be really effective.

It's another shot with the assistance of the Hooded Accomplice. It's a kind of lonely location, and this was also quite a bit of work to pull off - not least eighty odd flashes with a red gel to bring out the texture of the rock around the bowl of the quarry. We both feel the foreground rocks probably picked up a bit too much red from this exercise; re-shooting I think we'd try to mask out the bottom of the frame with some shaped black card to avoid this.

There's just one key piece of processing to note; in photoshop I masked out the sky and wire wool trails overlapping it, then changed the white balance. That helped the quarry and trails stayed red, whilst bringing out the blue of the sky for a little more interest. That seemed major enough to justify the Sliders Sunday posting, even if it's otherwise all in camera.

Hope everyone is fantastically well - HSS and have an amazing New Year celebration!

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  1. Herry Photos 28 months ago | reply

    Stunning !

    Great capture !
    This wonderful image was seen in
    Beautiful Night Image 綺麗夜景
    Light trails

  2. sognatore58 28 months ago | reply

    Wonderful your photo also like to Mu Mu, have a nice day:))
    Mu Mu - All together affectionately :) Tutti insieme affettuosamente :)) - look great -

  3. dkshots 28 months ago | reply

    great exposure! the sky is a nice detail

  4. Seitrams 27 months ago | reply

    OK, now I'm jealous. Great shot Matt! Let me know next time you are planning to play with wire wool again. It's still on my list.

    Regarding the light trail to the top: It's a bit patchy but I think it's working fine. It is a nice contrast to the straight spark trails. And it also looks a little bit like a blasting fuse making it's way up to the top of the hill...

  5. bytegirl24 27 months ago | reply

    fantastic exposure and light play, very cool!

  6. Haute Appeal 27 months ago | reply

    Brilliant! Very nicely done

  7. janetfo747 New-Nice As It Gets 27 months ago | reply

    contest notice1

    We are an awarding group and do hope that you will join us in this fast paced awarding group with your outstanding photo, just make sure to award 5 others when you post! Thanks

    nice as it gets level 1 invite

    Wishing you a fantastic new year, filled with good health and happiness

  8. Megan Schellong 27 months ago | reply

    Awesome exposure!

  9. deep blue2 25 months ago | reply

    Great stuff!! The things we do for our 'art', lol! ;^)

  10. JoeCow 22 months ago | reply

    Seriously you just take quite a few fantastic images! :) <3

  11. kathy koch 18 months ago | reply

    Amazing location, awesome compo ~ brilliantly captured.

  12. viv_kut3htmt 5 months ago | reply

    so beautiful,!!!!!...you can see more in my flickr : bit.ly/1v2eNfZ

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