• Tripod in middle of river, essentially a coupld of hundred yards into the centre of this shot; www.flickr.com/photos/flatworldsedge/5313196006/in/photos....
  • CREE LED plus red filter.
  • Naked CREE LED
  • Naked bulb torch.
  • Light pollution from sodium streelighting - too powerful to control in WB, given reflections, without compromising the red light trails. I added some sat to work it in.
  • This whole area under weeping willow-esque tree, hence deep shadow and vignette effect.
  • Managed to narrow the beam through my fingers.

For Those In Peril On The C (Kraken Light Painting), Mill End

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All in camera, single exposure lighting painting drawn with one bulb torch, one CREE LED and a 77mm red filter. And a decent pair of wellingtons.

Please do check it out in Lightbox - looks more compelling on black.

It's taken in the middle of the River Colne in Mill End. Light painting in the river is actually far more relaxing than you might imagine. The main worry when light painting in desolate locations at night is the fear that some misguided nutter with a hand axe will ambush you, drawn like a moth to your flailing lamps. This spot is a hundred yards along from any accessible bank, so you are screened by vegetation on all sides, out of sight, with a sizeable moat all around. Defensible.

For light painting, or any nocturnal work, I would highly recommend it. When you don't have a river, I'd suggest an invisible dog. Initially I went with "Siegfried", but have renamed him "Totem" which you can shout with a decent military bark. Simply shout for your imaginary dog now and again, perhaps interspersed with allusions to his ferocity. For example;

"Totem - get back here this minute. If you've killed another fox/moose/commando you'll be sleeping in the kennel tonight, you hyper-aggressive, 200 lb mongrel you." You get the idea.

As regards the title, I'm trying to correct an issue identified by Gregory House MD; "Physics joke[s], don't hear enough of those."

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  1. Ferdousi. 36 months ago | reply

    a wonderful work !!

  2. Peter Ribbeck 36 months ago | reply

    That is cracking mate!!
    Very well done

  3. k4♥wea 36 months ago | reply

    Wow, these are superb, you are so good at these. Love the reflections in the water, they really add so much to this. I think the light pollution works well too, it gives the scene a warm feel to it. Very cool capture :-)

  4. ATSICHLAS (Busy) 36 months ago | reply

    Spectacular creation my friend !

  5. The Yellow Man (NL) 36 months ago | reply

    Supr amzing stuff this! Awesome skills. Looking terrific. Great shot and superb result!

  6. Schbleuh 35 months ago | reply

    I love the dog idea. Will be sure to use this.

  7. Hsin Tai Liu 35 months ago | reply

    wow! this is amazing!!

  8. Icacia 33 months ago | reply

    Nice work!! I've been wanting to do some light painting on water (aka in creek) for a while now. I'm not so worried about "some misguided nutter with a hand axe", rather hungry feral/wild dogs. I don't have an invisible 200 lb dog called 'Totem'. But I do have a 90 lb dog called 'House'... :)

  9. some_stuff 18 months ago | reply

    i really need practise light painting :)

  10. chukos 7 months ago | reply

    Nice shot, Matt :) and welcome to join the Light Painting World Alliance! www.lpwalliance.com

  11. freeedomania 7 months ago | reply

    oh my god, this is outstanding!

  12. Robbert-Jan Mulder 7 months ago | reply

    Tried this one time too without success haha.. But when I see how your's are.. Amazing!

  13. Stoff74 4 months ago | reply

    Great LP! ;)

  14. ELFATKAT 3 months ago | reply

    So are you actually in the water when you do this?

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