• I did clone this out initially, but was advised by Blackfoot Scout to keep the imperfection in for character. So here it remains.
  • See colour version in comments - all ivy and brick.

Moisturise Daily (Statue at Palladio's Teatro Olimpico), Vicenza

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Colour version in the comments.

This is what happens if you don't cow before the cult of pseudo-science and marketing excess that is the cosmetics industry. That said, assuming she's been at the Teatro Olimpico since it was finished in 1585, she's probably weathered better than many of us would.

On an only tenuously related note, I once did some work with a cosmetics company buying in generic moisturiser from China and adding their own labels. All material and transport costs included it ended up on the shelf at a cost just over 56p, sold at £62.50 - 125 times cost. Ever since I have viewed all such potions with great suspicion.

Hope everyone has moisturised and is having a fantastic start to the weekend!

From Wikipedia regarding the theatre itself: The Teatro Olimpico ("Olympic Theatre") is a theatre in Vicenza, northern Italy: constructed in 1580-1585, it is the oldest surviving enclosed theatre in the world. The theatre was the final design by the Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, Renaissance, and was not completed until after his death. The trompe-l'œil onstage scenery, designed by Vincenzo Scamozzi, to give the appearance of long streets receding to a distant horizon, was installed in 1585 for the very first performance held in the theatre, and is the oldest surviving stage set still in existence.

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  1. beautythief 48 months ago | reply

    Nice shot, Matthew. I worked for the chairman of a Dermatology Dept. once. He said that putting vaseline on the face worked as well as any "moisturizer" - all they do is provide a moisture barrier to reduce evaporation from the skin. They don't "add" moisture. Problem is, cosmetics companies can't sell vaseline (petroleum jelly) for £62.50/dram.

  2. AEChown 48 months ago | reply

    Hmm- difficult. Not sure whether I prefer b/w or colour. The green is very nice! I'm sure you're absolutely right about the price of moisturisers - but you won't stop me doing it!!! :)))

  3. ~ForEverMie~ 48 months ago | reply

    such a great works from you my friend!!

  4. travelhaha 48 months ago | reply

    Nice portrait^^

  5. Madelin Alvarez 48 months ago | reply

    love the b&w better. great work!

  6. Sander van der Wel 48 months ago | reply

    Good idea to make ik B/W

  7. rquitos 48 months ago | reply

    i love the bw copy mathew and thanks for the info input... a nice shot

  8. Ben N1 48 months ago | reply

    I like both versions but I think I prefer the color. I am partial to green. :-)

  9. Akbar Sim 48 months ago | reply

    I love the b&w version! Very nice work!

  10. Andy Watson1 48 months ago | reply

    Excellent shot! I really like both pictures!

  11. aries1935 48 months ago | reply

    Great details! It looks some deterioration on the marble. assuming that it is made from it. The sulphur in the air cause that.

  12. Anoop Negi 48 months ago | reply

    Oh a make over that is pure genius.

    That tale of China, isa so representative of what the companies are doing. Making an absolute ass of the people...

  13. Lee/Ann. 48 months ago | reply

    the color one and b&w they both look wonderful!

  14. Shanz Photography (Back) 48 months ago | reply

    An amazing closeup...

  15. Yellow_cam 48 months ago | reply

    Prefer the b/w version, looks a lot sharper and giving more atmposhere to the shot. Nice composition and great bokeh.

  16. H.B.Koch 48 months ago | reply

    Beautiful portrait, I agree the black and white version is better, especially the area at the left does not look so well in colour.
    Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

  17. Kerry Wah- Crazy time at work! 48 months ago | reply

    heh heh heh... you are too funny!

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