• Shot mid-river from footbridge.
  • This tree looks giant in the shot, though in reality it is quite a stocky thing. I guess the snow blends the perspective.
  • These weeds bright green to the eye, but I desaturated - again I find half of processing is toning down the good surprises in case they are disbelieved!
  • ND500 does do a good job on the river's surface. Makes up for the colour cast.
  • Happy 2011 to everyone - best wishes for a terrific 12 months for you, your family and friends. Hope you get some great shots too!
  • Shot a middle of the river light painting just here - feel free to check it out! www.flickr.com/photos/flatworldsedge/5669074523/

Meltwater, Hertfordshire

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Update: Just shot a light painting (kraken vs. sailing ship) in the middle of this frame - please do check it out if you have a moment and are feeling indulgent! For Those In Peril On The C (Kraken Light Painting)

Happy 2011 - hope everyone is having a great start to the year!

One from December's final flurry of snow, deserving of a few notes. I was set up just testing my new ND500 (9 stop ND filter) on a footbridge, when out of nothing a brief, but striking, winter sunset lit up the sky. With people tramping back over the bridge in their icy wellingtons and only a brief moment of colour, I only got one meaningful shot. Perhaps I should have taken the risk and whipped off the filter, but hoped I could pull off a good shot with it to give a nice smooth river as well as the colour.

This one worked except for two issues; the snow was a little too dark to really make an impact and the bluish colour cast from the ND500 left it looking rather strange. I've manually juggled the snow to try to solve these issues, without creating too unnatural effect. This is a little on the edge, but the nearest I can get it to something that balances the two sides of the coin.

The biggest failing I would say is my correction of the blue tint - it is a little patchy on the snow and took a little out of the corners of the sky (e.g. left behind the lower tree branches).

In terms of the purple and magenta tones - I actually desaturated these slightly to blend the image better. It was stunning light, and the (overall underexposed) shot really caught them at their height.

Holds its own on black!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the weekend.

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  1. Diverse Image 32 months ago | reply

    This is truly a work of art. Amazing

  2. bartholowaty | Photography 31 months ago | reply

    WOW!!!!!! Superb Pic ;)
    ...keep up your really good work ;-)

    Please take time to check my photos.
    If you like them please add me as contact.

  3. Gerald.RhosG 30 months ago | reply

    Stunning shot!

  4. domin1969 29 months ago | reply

    magnifica fotografia !!!

  5. Shoyun 29 months ago | reply

    One of the most beautiful capture i've seen, thanks :)

  6. marcellucray 29 months ago | reply

    lightning shot.............................

  7. M.A.Gibson 28 months ago | reply

    Amazing Colours

  8. yh828 28 months ago | reply

    Amazing shot and great colors!

  9. OpenWideShutf2.8 27 months ago | reply

    Really nice tones!

  10. dangerousdavecarper 27 months ago | reply

    brilliant colours reflection, amazing picture

  11. jpprado 26 months ago | reply

    These colors, this snow, everything <3

  12. vytko1.618 [deleted] 23 months ago | reply

    very cool!

  13. Mental Balance 18 months ago | reply

    This is a masterpiece! Stunning image!...

  14. Dizzy - Photos 16 months ago | reply

    Absolutely stunning! :)

  15. SheilaMink 14 months ago | reply

    Fabulous colors! A gorgeous scene!

  16. Luigi Schirru 13 months ago | reply

    no words...amazing!

  17. LKB Photographic 5 months ago | reply

    seen & admired in:

  18. Mat1212 2 months ago | reply

    Very nice use of the ND500 filter !

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