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Coldfrontation (Bury Lake), Rickmansworth

If you are looking at this photo, thank you! I know the thumbnail, which clips the geese, looks about as banal and flat as a pebble dash conference in Scunthorpe. So thank you for clicking through regardless.


Please do view on black!


Quick shot from this morning's wander in the snow and ice. A very foggy morning, so it's taken with the old 18-200mm Sigma lens - fortunately the misty atmosphere meant nothing really suffered at the hands of its softness! All ice in this shot, with a thin sheen of water which, in the stillness of the fog, created some lovely reflections.


For those few interested, the boat house is indeed the same one as in www.flickr.com/photos/flatworldsedge/5184896770/, shown from the other side this time.


Hope you're all having a great weekend.

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Taken on December 4, 2010