• Cropped out area to the left to better balance faces - it was just lots more of these honey jar bokeh.
  • Two pullovers - very cold weather.
  • Not sure if all the highlights in the bokeh are distracting, but it's what I got and certainly not a disaster!
  • This man is passionate about honey.

Generations Reflect (Naschmarkt), Vienna

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Candid shot from this weekend's trip to Vienna and Bratislava. I saw a family of honey sellers at their stall, the elder of them in fierce technical debate with a customer, with the younger dreamily surveying their wares. I got lucky shooting through the shifting crowds of umbrellas and shoulders. I guess from seeing it to shooting it was all in a second. Usually I dither and frame too much and these opportunities escape me, so I'm very happy to have seized the moment.

It's a night shot, but almost overexposed as I'd been set up (ISO 800, AV-mode @ f/4.5, IS) for shooting in the shadows and the stall was brightly lit with tungsten bulbs. In the end, I'm delighted with the sharpness that's allowed - especially in the older man's face and hair. The bokeh from the wide aperture and blurred of the younger, mirroring figure are a super bonus.

Other than converting to black and white (the original is basically all yellow!) I've tweaked the clarity up slightly and cropped out a little unbalancing bokeh, perhaps a half inch, from the left.

Hope everyone is well and having a great start to the week.

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  1. a l e x a ♡ 53 months ago | reply

    amazing expression

  2. Armalomb [deleted] 53 months ago | reply


  3. Jesús M. Gómez Chacón 53 months ago | reply

    Un maravilloso retrato. Muy buen trabajo.

  4. @petra 53 months ago | reply

    fabulous work here!

  5. B.M.K. Photography (Back!) 53 months ago | reply

    AMAZING Shot! I love old people portraits! I always wonder how has their life been like?
    Superb job!

  6. André Pipa 53 months ago | reply

    Oh, this is brilliant.. ! Beckett?

  7. tehbk0 53 months ago | reply

    good b&W portrait.

  8. N A Y E E M 52 months ago | reply

    Brilliant once again....

  9. david.bank (www.david-bank.com) 52 months ago | reply

    Fantastic portrait. Black and white suits is well. Love the blurry background.

  10. Ali -1963 52 months ago | reply

    This is superb!
    Im loving your stream, im a beginner at it is a real inspiration :)

  11. funpics47 52 months ago | reply

    I love your work. Love how you look at the world. Fun.

  12. liuliuba 69 poco presente..... 52 months ago | reply

    ritratto molto espressivo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Rosita So Image 52 months ago | reply

    expressive portrait

  14. Sir Cam 52 months ago | reply

    marvellous portrait work!

  15. Sir Filia [deleted] 52 months ago | reply

    The super portrait!

  16. getolina 52 months ago | reply

    great photo!! candid shooting is always difficult, the details here are excellent,

  17. Pablo Suárez - Buenos Aires 52 months ago | reply

    This is an awesome portrait ....the old man's wrinkled face looking out of the frame is very compelling, extremely eloquent. And then you have the young man in the background (I assume he's a young man) out-of-focus, gazing at the other side of the frame. The connection one makes out of this two faces is quite amazing.

  18. Bernard Marx 51 months ago | reply

    What a strong and wonderful portfolio! This is well scene and superbly rendered.

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