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Sunfall (Backlit Autumn Leaves), Wisley | by flatworldsedge
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Sunfall (Backlit Autumn Leaves), Wisley

Barring a little cropping this is straight out the camera. I'll admit to standing that rear LH leaf upright before hitting the shutter button, but the crimson starfish it has turned too is all the sun's work. The only nuisance is I shot the first 15-20 frames in small jpg today (800k files), so this is about as large as you'd want to see it. Looks great on black in lightbox.


It's another shot with my £65 Canon 50mm f1.8. As a lens it has a few flaws; I'm not in love with the AF which is loud and too argumentative for the low light work this lens would otherwise be great for, and others would label the plastic construction and pentagonal SH an issue. However, if you have an EOS DSLR with just the kit zoom, this should be an immediate purchase.


The 50mm length is great on 1.6x bodies as a walkaround lens for picking out detail or more abstract street frames. The wide aperture opens up creative possibilities which kit zooms will hold you back from. It's perfectly sharp and only 100g. Personally I like the pentagonal SH and the plastic construction is fine. In fact the plastic is an advantage; whilst it's professionally made it still looks like a toy. This is my lens for Italian train stations after dark.


This little mini-review isn't a Canon ad or a pretense that the shot above should be held up as exemplar of the lens. Rather, I know I deliberated for ages above what was a tiny investment which has returned its value many times over.


Aperture is pulled back to f2.8 on this one, just to get a little more of the foreground leaves in. Have a great weekend all!

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Taken on November 6, 2010