Tagging at Wurhaus
Pulled my tagging project out of the picture plane into three-dimensional space for one night (5/21 from 6-9pm) @ Wurhaus.

Project Statement:

Tagging started when I moved away from the South Congress area to a more suburban area in North Central Austin (Wooten represent). Riding my bike home from work one afternoon, I was struck by the fact that of all the slatted wood fencing in my neighborhood, not a board of it had been tagged. In graffiti culture, as a I understand it, tagging is mainly about cryptically announcing identity as a means of claiming territory, and because I had recently moved to this area, I thought I should go about claiming ownership of my new area by creating an innocuous little signature... one where I use photographic multiples of the thing I wish to tag as my medium.

By reinserting cut-up and crudely shifted bits from the prints of the thing I've photographed back onto the thing itself and photographing it again, I was able to grab a quick document of writing on almost any surface... something like a dog with it's leg up on a fire hydrant I suppose. My first tag was on the slatted wood fence in my backyard.

I've been working with this idea for close to three years now, and recently my understanding of what the work is about has begun to shift. With increasing digitization of culture and human experience, a great flattening and squashing is going on, and I've begun to view everything as the street... Tolstoy to Tupperware... Game Theory to grated Cheese. This flattening and squashing is exciting in the sense that digitization allows us to see human experience and knowledge as a facade on the surface of existence. By facade I am not speaking about something that is superficial or false. Rather, I'm speaking about something that is an exterior construct... something with a surface/a face... something that is aware of its own identity and goes about announcing it to the void.

I think we're in the cave life stage of the digitization of human experience and knowledge, and I'm just scrawling on the walls... biding my time.
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