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A 58 Hour, 3 day stay in the Zone of Exclusion in the Ukraine, in the year of the 25th Anniversary of the accident.

Sites include
- Fire Fighter memorial and Chernobyl fire station
- Pripyat Fire Station
- Pripyat Police Station
- The radioactive Sand Bucket Crane
- Laboratory in the Former Kindergarten
- The greenhouses
- Pripyat Swimming Pool
- Pripyat Middle School 3
- Palace of Culture
- Pripyat Fairground
- Kuittouary Recreation Shop
- Kindergarten 'Cheb Urasake'
- Cafe Pripyat
- Pripyat River landing Stage
- Church of St Illya
- Cooling Towers
- Catfish
- Chernobyl Rail Station
- 30Km Checkpoint area
- Kiev metro station 'Arsenalia' (deepest Metro station in Europe)
- Kiev Patriotic (1941-1945) War memorial and Park and the SIlver Lady 'Motherland'