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Hungry? | by Flashstep
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This is an old photo, but I felt I had to share it. I just love so many aspects of it.


Below is a huge amount of self righteous waffling, read at your peril.


UPDATE: I want to explain the backstory behind/my thoughts on this photo a bit, so bear with me. It isn't a completely planned shot, rather a happy accident that I only realised the full implications of whilst I was editing it. I feel that it is a commentary on our modern obsession with self image and the lengths that people will go to in order to acquire the 'perfect' body. Men and Women are assaulted daily by magazines, TV shows, internet ads and so on, that claim to be able to help you lose weight in six weeks or gain a six pack and other assorted nonsenses. As the methods of weight loss become more extreme, I fear eventually, as in the photo, we will be eating nothing but weight loss pills and such things. Evidently the hand in the photo is of a person who is slim, and you'll have to take my word for it when I say he is fairly concerned about his self image with an obsession with vintage clothing. The image is in black and white to represent a world drained of energy and confidence.


You may have detected a criticising tone in the above paragraph, but I feel I should mention that I'm just as obsessed with self image as the next man. I worry about my weight (currently 70 kilos), I worry about my lack of a six pack, or indeed any kind of defined muscle. I worry that people will perceive me in a strange way by what i wear or don't wear, the way I act etc. I don't have any ground to stand on when it comes to this topic. But in our western culture of images and advertisments that prey upon any insecurities and exacerbate them, there are very few people who do.

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Taken on January 24, 2010