The gravedigger

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    Greenwood burial ground, near Saxmundham, Suffolk, UK, just after I'd conducted a Humanist funeral ceremony.

    Green burials are under trees, or a tree is planted on the grave. There are no headstones. They are usually nature reserves, as well as environmentally-friendly cemeteries.

    1. bobsawer 95 months ago | reply

      Is some sort of casket required ? Not having stones is nice. For myself I prefer cremation and being scattered , though they say it's not environmentally correct .

      Interesting soil , looks to be good digging

    2. Sparrows' Friend 95 months ago | reply

      This time, they had a conventional coffin, a simple one. An increasing number of people are choosing willow or bamboo woven coffins, and there are cardboard ones. Some are buried in a woollen shroud, though I've never done one like that.

      Cremation isn't very environmentally-friendly, though the UK Clean Air Act has made a difference. It's no longer possible for a farmer to be cremated in his wellington boots, for example. One of the problems with cremation is the toxins released into the atmosphere from people's tooth fillings.

    3. bobsawer 95 months ago | reply

      Another problem with cremation is the tremendous amount of energy necessary to consume a human body
      And those fillings ! Think of what they do to us while we are living ...leaching toxins into our bodies and such , though the dentists try to deny it .

      The grave digger looks to be pleasant . Our local grave digger was large and round and always smiling . His name was Harris Chace and was well loved . Wish I had a photo of him

    4. guayacan_verde 95 months ago | reply

      My husband wanted to start one of these on a tropical farm. Great idea.

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

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