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Week 40 of 52



So look what you did to me

Look what you did to me

Look what you did to me autumn

I'm a leaf that's gone falling free

Beneath all the maple trees

In front of your house to the bottom


So I watched the leaves fall

All of the way to the ground

And I knew that that was what love was

To die so that it could be found

Autumn - Ben Rector




I'll start this week off by announcing that once again, Photog*Scott has found his way onto my stream. This week both with his fantastic processing skills (my version can be found in the comments) and with the song choice.


I sort of have a feeling the guy is trying to hijack my 52 project to make it a joint effort, I shoot and process then he asks to have a go with the photo and dwarfs my skills. That's okay though; at least I'm able to see some of his work since he seems to be on a (much too long) sabbatical from photography.


So about this photo; I was all set to do another field shot this week, (what can I say, I'm an addict) but when I arrived the field was gone! Mowed down and looking so sad. I was a little distraught and took a moment or two to panic about what I would shoot instead. I started to look around and noticed this perfect tree just off the parking lot so I gathered up my gear and headed over towards it.


As I was setting up to shoot, someone else pulled into the parking lot and parked about three spots away from where I was setting up. They stayed in their car while I went about shooting and just watched me the entire time. A little unsettling, but I wasn't about to get up and go without getting a shot in. I was already out in the rain and without the light I like, I was getting that shot and then I was heading off to continue my day.


I worked for about 15-20 minutes and then put the equipment away. Once I was back at my car and loading the gear into it, they decided the show was done and drove away.


Very odd.


Anyway, hope everyone has had a good week.


+1 in the comments, my processing job.


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Taken on October 4, 2013