• Personal network
  • Work network
  • Me and my brother's shared network
  • Remnants of university network
  • Wheel / LBi core (2003-2007)
  • Wheel old-school (2000-2003)
  • Isotoma (roughly)
  • LBi (Oyster/Framfab)
  • Me and my wife's shared network
  • Outliers

My Facebook network – by Nexus

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Really interesting visualisation by Nexus: view interactive version

I've added some notes explaining the clusters. They're remarkably distinct.

* The left cluster is personal, the right cluster is work.

* There are 3 sub-clusters in Personal, and 4 sub-clusters in Work

* Jared connects both personal and work clusters. He connects with both Wheel/LBi (where he and I used to work) and Isotoma (where I currently work), and he and his wife became good friends of ours.

* Besides my wife and my brother, there are virtually no family members in the graph. They're not very wired.

* I've lost touch with nearly all people I knew in school, and most of those I knew in uni

* I tend to add only people I know fairly well in real life, and very rarely clients

Nexus also shows you what you have in common with people in your network (Interests and Groups), ordered by the number of similarities. In my cases mostly Interests since I don't tend to join Groups. (Interests are fuzzy and unreliable.) Interestingly, the person at the top of my similarity scale is one of the outliers, Mary, whom I only know through Flickr.

Would love to see something like this for Twitter. TwitterAnalyzer is similar, but does not do the same kind of clustering. Also want this for Linkedin and Flickr

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  1. dishpantheism 89 months ago | reply

    how very strange! i feel honored. well, as much as one can feel honored for being at the top of another's similarity scale. :)

    there's something about the term "outlier" which is oddly appealing to me. it somehow reminds me of the old west but i'm not entirely sure why.

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