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The Lost Boys

Rwanda is a small country bursting at the seams with 9 million residents. Families average 3.5 children per household. Family planning is slowly being introduced to a nation still recovering from a period of upheaval and change. What does the future hold for these kids?


These boys followed us a ways as we were hiking to the park entrance for our first gorilla trek. This ended up being one of my favorite shots from this past year, probably due to the lead boy's pose more than anything. Despite being dressed in drab, second-hand clothing, he exuded a confidence that I feel reflected his countrymen as a whole. This was not the "poor, destitute Africa" usually shown in media coverage. They may not have had much to their names, but the majority of the Rwandans we saw were self-sufficient, grew their own food and seemed happy and content. It's an amazing country full of wonderful people.


By the way, the Rwanda section of my site is now live: www.maxwaugh.com/rwanda07/index.php. You can view all of the gorilla and monkey photos, as well as a few other miscellaneous people/places shots. There are also a few audio and video clips included.


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Taken on November 9, 2007