Wheel building the dark arts
A short guide to Wheel building with pictures to help.
Each pic has a guide to that stage.

Paul Mepham of Harry Perry cycles taught me eight years ago and I have built quite a few since then, loads of people ask how it is done on cycling forums so hope this will help them out.
No Harry Potter dark arts just a step by step approach
Rebuilding a wheel for a friend of mine on his hub geared hybrid bike, I know the spokes are not black but his choice.

Anyone building there first wheel should get it checked and trued at a bike shop to be sure, it depends on your mechanical aptitude.
Good luck!

On line links to follow:
Roger Musson has a wheelbuilding book online to download for a fee at;

Spoke length calculator by Damon Rinard, linked from the late great Sheldon Brown;

And isn't it a bitch when flickr uploader tool puts them in the wrong order on the photostream.
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