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    Shots from Day 11

    Shots from Day 10. For additional information check out Adbusters - www.adbusters.org/campaigns/occupywallstreet

    1. perry119 65 months ago | reply

      go people power!!!

    2. aquire wisdom 65 months ago | reply

      we the people, taking OUR country back!

    3. Arlene's World Famous "LIVE" R&R Karaoke 65 months ago | reply

      Fellow NYer John Lennon would have loved this "Power To The People" movement and probably shown up like Cornel West, Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon have. We love what you courageous, compassionate and intelligent people are doing! And encourage everyone to go down to Broadway and Maiden in the Wall St area to show support and solidarity, or in the very least a message of encouragement to www.OccupyWallSt.org This is the moment so many of us have been waiting for: an unflinching empowered movement to force an eye on the injustice and inequality of the calcified corrupt corporate power structure. The masses around the globe are waiting to be unified on this! Show up and represent, one way or another.

    4. jmh-man 65 months ago | reply

      Hey, we've got some great info about inequality and what it does, the top 1% vs. the bottom 99%, Reaganomics, the federal debt. It's a free info service, and maybe you can use some of the info we're providing. It's what we're fighting for!
      Good for you getting on the street down there! We've been needing this, and we can't stop now. There's a lot of work to be done! I'll be coming down after I get my scheduled operation out of the way.

    5. vlho1988 65 months ago | reply

      What a bunch of lazy people! What a waste of time! Get a job!

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