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    1. f.trainer ages ago | reply

      full speed ahead

    2. photos by Alex Bershaw ages ago | reply

      Wow, they got more done than I thought.

    3. f.trainer ages ago | reply

      i was down here about a week ago and it looks like it's almost doubled in size since then

    4. dididumm ages ago | reply

      They are starting with that Ikea thingy already? Wow!

    5. f.trainer ages ago | reply

      anybody heard when this is slated to open?

    6. KeylimeSteve ages ago | reply

      Anyone fond of blue and yellow? ugh...

    7. f.trainer ages ago | reply

      i don't hate ikea, i just think that this is a terrible location for a brooklyn store....it should have been right off the highway, near public transportation and developed with input from the local community taken into consideration.

    8. Gowanus ages ago | reply

      Hey - I can say it - I hate Ikea.

      And yes, its also a terrible location for a store.

      Slated to open in 2007 - so probably by summertime. Then the traffic snarl begins. I was down there yesterday and don't think I want to go back anytime soon. So depressing.

    9. tozzer ages ago | reply

      gonna be a bitch to get to for most, so true.
      poor red hook.

    10. KeylimeSteve ages ago | reply

      My daughter (16) is psyched about the arrival. She told me just last night that she made plans with her friend to cycle there and buy Swedish meatballs once they open (there's no accounting for taste-buds). I agree with you f.trainer regarding the location, after-all, I have driven to a parking lot across from Newark Airport (partly for the view), this store could have been built anywhere and people would have come. I wouldn't be surprised at all (and would be delighted) if IKEA subsidized Water-Taxi trips from The Battery, West Side and Queens, it sure would take a load off the streets. From a totally selfish perspective, it IKEA's opening has a similar effect on my business that Fairway has, it only leads to an earlier retirement for me.

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