I saw a square cloud today.

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Highest postition: 34 on May 11, 2009 =)

The store that developed my film closed the second we got there and they wouldn't let us in.

So here are some polaroids. =)

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  1. *la*scintilla*di*lucilla* 71 months ago | reply

    ahahahah...............nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. moggierocket 71 months ago | reply

    :-)) thanks for the smile.
    Seeing our companions with new eyes.
    Please post your photo into the queue for consideration at:
    the little dog laughed the little dog laughed

  3. olasis 71 months ago | reply

    Very cute!!! Awesome capture.

  4. sandy honig 70 months ago | reply

    omg this is great!

  5. kim, jinah [deleted] 70 months ago | reply

    Aw I love all three of them!
    The puppy is beyond adorable!! <3

  6. EmiryLenee [deleted] 70 months ago | reply

    Awwww! This is so funny and cute!

  7. XOXO, Hapa 70 months ago | reply

    how adorable !

    great job :)

  8. Robot Toaster 69 months ago | reply

    i have a brilliantimus idea. it is: i bring petey to your house and then we take the doggies around and shoot them. WITH CAMERAS. ahhh that sounded weird. but you know what i mean. wouldn't that be kooool?

  9. sssquid 68 months ago | reply

    Cutest thing I have ever seen

  10. optimuscon 66 months ago | reply

    Ha, that is just precious.

  11. anna longworth 62 months ago | reply

    do you mind if i print out a copy and put it on my wall? i'm trying to get permission from people to make sure tthey dont mind if i put a picture of theirs on my bedroom wall. afterword, im going to put them all on the wall, and post a picture of the completed wall on flickr. is that okay? if not, i completely understand. thanks for your time

  12. beebebear [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

    omg so cute!

  13. thewindcrieschelsey 51 months ago | reply

    omg so fuckin cute is that a shih tzu?

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