2018 Fit Fathers Day Celebration: Empowering dads, father figures, families and kids!
What another spectacular year honoring Father’s Day with 500 plus family members in Silver Spring, MD. Fit Fathers Day (FFD) is our celebration honoring dads, uplifting fatherhood, strengthening paternal bonds and recognizing the influence of fathers in our society. The Fit Fathers Foundation believes ultimate health, fitness and nutrition can help individuals live longer while challenging everyone to eat clean, stay active and continuously energize their lives! We bring dads and father figures together annually to demonstrate the importance of being health conscious and leading by example through positive, nutritional choices. For the 5th Annual “Fit Fathers Day” Celebration life enhancement manifested once again in the form of festive and energetic activities.

Photos by Adrenaline Lifestyles & Fisher Concepts
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