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The Biggest Trout, ever

So some of you saw an earlier post of this fish taken with a first generation digital camera. I just found a scan of a slide we took with my Nikon F4 film camera, seconds later. My EV setting was at minus 1 and it made for a poor color shot due to underexposure and over-saturation. In PhotoShop, I managed to fix it up at least to the point of being a viewable image. I quite like the composition. Thanks to Craig Blackie for taking this shot of me with the biggest laker I caught, ever.


Nikon F4s

Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8 AF-S ED Zoom-NIKKOR

Set at 17 mm

Fujichrome Velvia slide film

-1.0 EV

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Taken on March 10, 2011