Bubble hunters 3D

Strangers stop to play together with soap bubbles on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh, on Festival Sunday.


This is an anaglyph stereoscopic video. You need to wear red-cyan glasses to view in 3D. Free 3D glasses to Scottish addresses here:



This was invited to be shown in the 3D theatre session of the 2009 Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference in California


You can see a larger cross-view version on vimeo and small cross-view version here on flickr


(The whole video was recorded at 300 frames per second on a twin camera set-up. The speed was adjusted afterwards).

  • TinTrunk 7y

    What an enchanting video! I've watched this a few times already, and it can stand a few more viewings. I have some cardboard red/green 3D glasses, but not the correct red/cyan ones - and I wish I could qualify for the free 3D glasses you offer on your website but I don't live in Scotland. Manchester is not quite Scottish enough, sadly!

    In short, consider me charmed and delighted.
  • Dan Ridley-Ellis 7y

    Thanks Trevira.

    Unfortunately the 3D glasses offer is linked to a project that had Scotland specific funding.

    I would not recommend getting a pair just for my photos, but there are a lot of cool 3d pictures on Flickr to look at. Most people are using the red-cyan format.

    In the UK it is not so easy to get glasses free or cheap...certainly compared to the USA. You can buy through a few places including Amazon and a company called the Widescreen Centre.

    When I started with 3D I bought Shrek 3D which includes 4 pairs and is only slightly more expensive than buying the glasses.
  • thatsmeinsocal 7y

    3D or not, this was enchanting. The children are adorable and the entire mood very moving. I felt like I was watching a clip from an old CBS Childrens' Film Festival offering. The slo-mo and 3D added so much editorial commenting on the subject. It did not seem gimmicky, but rather an appropriate way to examine the exuberance of youth. Very, very well done. Kudos to you! ~Jon
  • Lace Bassett 7y

    Look good, the background doesn't work all the time. It must be hard to deal with subject changing focal distance. If you have any good ideas on how to help with this let me know. I think I'm to run into the same problem soon.
  • studio 3D 7y

    What cameras did you use and how did you sync?
    Very nicely done.
  • Dan Ridley-Ellis 7y

    Thanks everyone.

    The compression flickr applies for streaming messes up the background a bit because it causes ghosting. The cameras are on fixed focus.

    I used two Casio Exilim Ex-F1 cameras - in this case recording at 300 frames per second. There is no sync as such - the two videos are aligned in post to get the sync as close as possible. So long as nothing is moving really quickly that works out OK. The worst it can be out is 0.0017 seconds (1/2 * 1/300).
  • Dan Ridley-Ellis 6y

    You can now watch a larger cross-view version of bubble hunters on vimeo.
  • Nick 6y

    I have to bother you with one more accolade - this is enchanting. I've been pottering along happily with 3D still-shots, but now with this lilting visual you've shown me wider possibilities. Thanks.
  • Dan Ridley-Ellis 6y

    Thanks. If all goes to plan this video can be seen in the 3D theatre session of the 2009 Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference in California.

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called SCHOOL OF VIDEOS, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • rmtx 6y

    Wow, wow, wow!

    Your wonderful video was seen in

  • Roger Harris 6y


    Featured in the Stereographic Showcase
  • Brian Wallace 6y

    I especially liked the slow motion!
    Good job.
  • Christian Flores 6y

    looks cool
  • Mauro Montenegro 6y

    Harry Potter!!!
  • the krankensteins(ready to play family feud) 6y

    fantastic and amazing!

    Hey, your image/sound/art is a mindblower and we’d love to see it in our group Visual Sound. Your image must have sound, music, or noise attached to it. Invite your friends if you would like, it’s cool and fun.

  • Simon Brauer 5y

    Great i like it a lot-
  • ZipCraiz 5y

    All who are against video on Flickr need to see this. It is a wonderful piece of art that fits here. To be honest I was shocked to see video in Flickr but now I see that work like this belongs here rather than on youtube.
  • Ben Richardson 16 5y

    the 3D didnt work for me...
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