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Cloudscape Merchiston Anaglyph

There is an improved version here


An experimental timelapse anaglyph video made with the view out of my office window today. You need to wear red-cyan anaglyph glasses to view in 3D. The stereo effect could perhaps be stronger but stereobase was limited by the logistics (and I kinda like my anaglyphs on the weaker side anyway)


There is no audio but I suggest you dial up a bit of Philip Glass or Simone White on the internet.


There is a non-3D version here


There has to be a better workflow than this:


Recorded with two Lumix FX12 compact still cameras.

Into Adobe Premier Pro to compile the timelapse (50x speed), deinterlace and turn into balanced red-blue anaglyph

Adobe Premier doesn't do red cyan and doesn't appear to let you properly align the images so export to 2Gb Mov file (yeah 2Gb for 90 seconds!) into StereoMovie Maker to align the left and right images properly. At this point the green channel was copied from the existing blue channel.

Set in and out points, verify sync, align and save to uncompressed AVI.

Into Adobe Premier again to strip out the white noise on the audio (maybe I'm missing an option to not export audio from SMM) and resize to Flickr's 500 width. Apply an equalise filter and export to MPEG2 with a bitrate of about 1.25Mb/sec. Load to Flickr.


I consider this to be a long photo rather than a video - the techniques and composition were essentially the same as they would be for a standard still photograph. In essence this is just a very long exposure that has been time mapped. I have decided to call this technique "High Chronological Range" :-)


Camera: Twinned Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX12

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Taken on April 11, 2008