Mongolian Gers
Own a unique and beautiful piece of nomadic heritage with our Mongolian gers!

The traditional Mongolian ger is a handmade, felt-covered, wooden frame structure used by nomadic cultures in Mongolia and other parts of Central Asia.

Gers are designed to be easily dismantled and moved. Mongolians will move their camp 4-10 times a year!
These ger tents consist of:
Durable synthetic felt covering
30 or more roof poles
Wood lattice wall sections
Roof crown with smoke hole
Wooden door

Each ger is uniquely handmade in Mongolia. The door, roof poles, and roof crown are hand-painted with traditional Mongolian design and constructed of renewable larch wood.

Gers are excellent to have on hand for a wide variety of purposes. Use one as a guest house for your in-laws, or pack it up and go camping in style. They can be given as an unusual gift. Or you can use it as an inspiring studio, office, meditation room, yoga room, or playroom. It’s up to your lifestyle, needs, and imagination!

Ger prices include shipping directly to Flagstaff or an equivalent single location. Furniture is not included in the price.

FIRE will be responsible for delivery to only one location. Arrangements and additional costs will be necessary for gers shipped to a different final destination than the primary delivery point or to a single destination not equivalent to Flagstaff. All dimensions are approximate because each ger is handmade.

Please contact us by phone or email to learn more about how you can own your very own ger! We look forward to speaking with you!

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