1. Tour of my Doll Room / office

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    I *finally* got around to taking pics of my "doll room". It's been a work in progress for awhile combined with sheer laziness on my part when it comes to taking pics ;) The space is fairly small, but with enough room for my desk/workspace, Expedit bookcases and a cozy chair which serves as a nice reading nook. The only thing I haven't finished yet is sewing up more of the graphic black & white fabric (a bit of it's framed on one wall) and replacing the floral curtains. And to say I'm an Ikea whore is pretty much stating the obvious... ;)

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    1. Moon Rouge 47 months ago | reply

      Great space and shelves! I love to see you back!

    2. Fashion_Addict 47 months ago | reply

      Really nice room!I'd totally love to have a room like that,but Im always too lazy to tidy up all my staffs.:(

    3. .S.F.K. 47 months ago | reply


    4. Sweets415 47 months ago | reply

      Oh, wow - you aspire me to get my room finished. It's at about the 85% mark.

    5. Firefawn 47 months ago | reply

      - Thanks!
      - Finally is right Rupa..haha! I've been slacking ;)
      - Thanks :) My desk seems cluttery to me still...with all my stuffs that's unavoidable. You'd think its the desk of a 12 yr. old....but hey, I keep my 'grownup' desk at work..lol Actually that's a standing fan in the corner (though I would love an ionizer!).
      - Hi Rose! Yeah, I need to get back to pic taking. I'm such a bad doll mom...;)
      - You really should know that it is always crazy in that room...I neatened up for the pic haha. Right now I have a Blythe completely in pieces strewn across the desk ;)

      It took me awhile to get the shelves and whatnot that I needed to house all my stuff (read: years!). I do have some ground rules though....both me and my hubby keep our collections in their own spaces and don't let them bleed into the living areas of our house. (It keeps me saner that way ;) Also, the good thing about having a finite amount of space to display stuff in is that there are kinda visual limits to what I can have out. It has helped me a lot as a collector to 'fine tune' my taste and determine what things I love and what things I need to 'own' :)

      - You're sweet Samara :) I swear I think of you everytime I make or order a caipirinha...LOL :)
      - That's exciting you're so close Theo! Yeah, mine was at that 85% point for way too long. It took having doll friends want to visit that kicked my butt into gear...lol

    6. blythe stole my heart 47 months ago | reply

      Eeeeeep!!! I NEED you to come over and help me totally organized like you! I BOW to you, "Oh Great One"!!! :0)

    7. ☠Impossible❤Princess☠™ 46 months ago | reply

      AMAZING!! So organized!! <3

    8. Firefawn 46 months ago | reply

      - Thx guys! I'm telling you, if it wasn't for Ikea, I'd be so screwed....LOL

    9. doll barber 46 months ago | reply

      my dream room
      mine looks like a doll pit

    10. dal's dolls 46 months ago | reply

      Looks awesome!

    11. Firefawn 46 months ago | reply

      Thanks Dal & doll barber! :)

    12. Kogepanic 46 months ago | reply

      Great use of an odd space!

    13. Orangey34 46 months ago | reply

      Lol, it's amazing that you managed to set this up, I would never have that much organizational willpower. Your office is truly awesome, do you actually get work done or are you just daring at dollies all day? =PP

    14. rowdyHarv, internet hit and miss 45 months ago | reply

      So amazing! I try to get organized but can't seem to do it. I admire people who can.

    15. Firefawn 45 months ago | reply

      - Yeah, it is definitely an odd shaped room with weird angled walls. Not really large enough to be considered the 'third bedroom' that its supposed to be, which is why I was able to claim it as the dolly room..haha ;)

      - I wish I could say I take care of *very important business* in there....but...nah, its primarily my fun room. If I could truly work from home in there I would be in heaven though! My desk at work is not nearly as bright and happy ;)

      - Thanks :) I should take a pic of what that room looks like after I got back from IFDC though...I have Pure Neemo dollies, Azone clothes and now Monster High boxes everywhere..lol Already gotta rethink shelf organization to fit this new mess in. :)

    16. LauraLA2008 45 months ago | reply

      Super tidy & organized. Love all your collections. We met briefly at IFDC when I came over to admire Iveta's travel collection.

    17. Firefawn 45 months ago | reply

      Thanks Laura :) Looking forward to going to IFDC again next year...hope to see you again!

    18. Metsuki Doll 44 months ago | reply

      HAHA! Ikea whore! I would kill to have your dolly room. :::sigh::: someday when I get out of this tiny studio apt.

    19. daffodil.lane 32 months ago | reply

      Love this room...and like a lot of people ....I wish I could be this organized:))

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