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Chatting With The Girls | by Michelle in Ireland
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Chatting With The Girls

All the flowers

Would have very extra special powers

They would sit and talk to me for hours.

- a piece from Alice in Wonderland's tune... A World Of My Own


i had fun laying in the grass to take this shot .... people were looking as if they were wondering what was so great about these flowers ..... my question to them though ..

what ISN'T great about these flowers !?!



got this shot in the Botanical Gardens in Dublin

i don't know what they are called ...but i liked them :)


Update - 7:25 am ... i just had a stupid dream that has me awake now ...i dreamed that i was back working in radio and that i couldn't figure out how to run the desk ... i kept screwing everything up ... microphones.....sound..... ad air time .... music ... (i kept playing one song over and over and over again ...and now as i have woken up i can't get it out of my head and i will forever associate it with this dream... which means i'll now hate a great song) ....


for those that don't know ... i worked in radio for a few years ...and loved it ...but i had to leave for various reasons ... sometimes i wish i could go back ... but most times im happy that i left ... i was working nights and never got to spend time with finbarr... sometimes i had to come in on my days off and work without pay was definitely a world that i didn't totally fit in with ....


this dream though reminded me of what i use to do ...and that if i went back today i would screw everything up .... when i woke up .. i was replaying in my head how to turn the desk from delayed broadcast to live .... and i could figure out how to do it ... and that stupid song was playing in my head ... so now im awake ... i have a song on autorepeat in my head ..... and i feel a bit stupid cause i can't change a desk from delayed to live anymore ..... ...................stupid isn't it ....


now i feel like ive chatted with the girls :)


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Taken on May 16, 2009