iPod Amnesty Bin

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    We visited the Zune HQ today. In the entryway was an iPod recycling bin.

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    1. sandrino 101 months ago | reply

      SIOOMA Zunetard!

    2. rubso [deleted] 100 months ago | reply

      sandrino, guess what? you might get a heart attack on the day the new Zunes comes out, LOL, I'm calling 911 right now, they'll pick you up to the near by hospital.. remember the 13th of november.

    3. sandrino 100 months ago | reply

      L'Allegro, A Zune by any other name stinks just the zame. If you are happy with crappy Microsoft products, knock yourself out! Be my guest, who cares what Zunetards like. I am not so easily impressed, I happen to have taste. I am not satisfied by any piece of crap Microsoft squirts out. Mere feature lists do not impress me, I require good design. A good product is more than the sum of it's parts. So, go and enjoy your Zune, I know better.

    4. Dr_Watso 100 months ago | reply

      Sandrino, give it a rest. You like the design of the ipod better... woohoo. Other devices have more features, better batteries/life, less cost bloat etc, and better attached services than itunes. That comes down to personal preference, which won't change the fact that apple is more expensive for less features, space, and even audio quality. So you can keep on arrogantly "knowing better" while some of us listen to music on less costly, more feature rich, devices that probably have interfaces we prefer over that dumbass ipod wheel interface.

      For the record, MS has been kicking ass lateley. They've come out with TONS of absolutely free tools/software for both the enterprise users (whom apple ignores) and the home users. As well, lots of new devices and inovations are down the pipeline via their partners, and a new embrace of open-source platforms.

    5. sandrino 100 months ago | reply

      MS is "kicking so much ass" that people are downgrading back to XP from Vista. Vista has been a dismal failure in MS' main business. Maybe instead of making crappy music players, MS should concentrate on writing software that isn't goddamned awful. You would have thought after seven years they would have come up with something better than new icons and annoying security warnings.

      Watso, you should look at reality once in a while, it would keep you from making such a fool of yourself in public.

    6. Dr_Watso 100 months ago | reply

      The way you're posting on the subject tells me that you haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about. It's not making a fool of myself to state facts. People downgraded to windows 98 after XP came out, and before it stabilized completely in the consumer base. That's how it goes when you support more than 4-6% of a consumer base, and more hardware and software than apple could ever dream of.

      After seven years, they came up with a next generation OS that is compatible with most legacy softwares, while still being safer and having more content. Code-wise, vista is a more secure os than 10.4 (leapord hasn't been evaluated at that level yet). Platform wise, it supports a staggering amount of hardware, and software support wise, I think it goes without saying that windows hosts the majority of software on the market by far, it's support for graphics and games blows osx out of the water (dx10). Beyond that, it's just nice that the software isn't arbitrarily tied to overpriced and very choice-limited PC hardware with a fruit logo on it.

      I've worked in IT for more than ten years now, and I've worked with both PC and Apple platforms, as well as several other unix based setups during this time... This being the case, I can laugh when you say childish things like "Watso, you should look at reality once in a while". I look at the IT "reality" every day buddy, and it looks like the reality here is you're just another mac fanboi who doesn't know much about technology, spouting off.

    7. sandrino 100 months ago | reply

      You mean with such appalling ignorance, you are lucky to still be employed in IT. Your facts are as valid and real as Fox News'. I feel sorry for your employers. If you knew anything besides what you read in Microsoft's ads, you might actually be of some use. Unfortunately for them you know nothing that hasn't been spoon fed to you by Steve Ballmer.

      Oh, and don't worry you'll become familiar with Leopard soon enough. The next version of Windows, which may come out just before the next century, will be just like it.

      SIOOMA Frigtard.

    8. Dr_Watso 100 months ago | reply

      Boy, you're really good at the ad hominem argument... How about actually addressing any one of the facts I pointed out? I guess you'd rather just get into more childish name-calling than converse. Have fun with yourself. You're really impressing everyone a lot. My knowledge on the subject doesn't come from balmer, or other news agencies for that matter, it comes from real life experience implimenting these technologies.

    9. sandrino 100 months ago | reply

      So these claims you pulled out of your ass are supposed to be facts now? You say MS is kicking ass, how so? You poo poo the fact that Vista has failed in the market. Vista lacks the great majority of the features that were being "developed" for Longhorn. Where did those features go? Seven years and all you get is Vista? That's the best that MS can do in seven years? Give me a break! You come up with outdated Mac market share numbers. You have no facts. You are the fanboi, frigtard.

      Now, go away or I shall taunt you a second time.

    10. Dr_Watso 100 months ago | reply

      I can see you're going to continue being a child, but I'll respond one more time.

      Vista is one product. Do you have any idea how many other products were updated or released during those seven years? Just from my industry, I can say it's a lot. For example, they just released a software for corporate indexing and searching which invalidates a product google charged a lot of money for, and it's free. Advances in their systems management softwares such as SMS, Operations manager, Exchange server 03/07, built in free virtualization, server 08 / 03R2, SQL server, Windows Home Server, toolkits for user management and application deployment such as MS steadystate... The list goes on, and on but I don't think I'll spend too much time on you. I'm sure your reply will be rife with childish name-calling again, (what the hell is a frgitard, anyway?) so what's the point of trying to explain IT to you when you can't even get past acting like a frustrated 4 year old? So far, MS has reported earnings growth of 27%, which is the fastest first quarter earnings advance since 1999. Obviously, Vista is only a small slice of the pie, and it is one that's still selling at any rate.

      So taunt away, it says a lot about your maturity level. Or maybe you'll grow up a bit, and make a real point in the next response.

    11. sandrino 100 months ago | reply

      So what you are saying is that Microsoft lacks the resources to update it's main product line in less than seven years? You buy that crap and I am the fanboi? Cognitive dissonance anyone? What does it say about Microsoft that after seven years of development on its main product, it had to remove most of the promised features? Maybe Microsoft is overextending itself. Maybe Microsoft should concentrate on what it does best, stealing Apple's ideas.

      Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elderberries!

    12. dmv816 96 months ago | reply

      wow i wish i would've fallen upon this earlier because it looks like it was a highly intelligent conversation by very mature individuals NOT. And Microsoft doesn't steal apple's ideas. I am pretty sure Bill Gates helped Steve Jobs out for a reason when his company was going down the toilet. I would guess it was because they were friends. To bad most of Steve Jobs customers don't understand that everyone is entitled to their opinon and attack people personally for having a different opinion then theirs.

    13. sandrino 96 months ago | reply

      @dmv816, Microsoft doesn't steal Apple's ideas? Right, they don't just steal Apple's ideas, they steal everyone's. The GUI was all Microsoft idea perhaps? Is the fact that Windows 1.0 looked like the Mac OS mere chance? I suppose you also think that the Aero Glass look of Vista is original to Microsoft and not a mere ripoff of Mac OS X.

      Microsoft has been appropriating technology and passing it off as it's own work since day one. They have developed some original work (Microsoft Bob) but their typical modus operandi is to copy, buy or steal technology from other companies. When that fails they use anticompetitive measures to force products of the market.

      As for the 1997 deal where Microsoft invested a mere $150 million in Apple, do you really think a multibillion dollar company like Apple was saved by only $150 million? This was a mutually beneficial investment to both companies.

      People are not entitled to just any opinion, they are entitled to an informed opinion. Any imbecile can have an opinion. To be worth considering, an opinion has to be based in some aspect of reality.

    14. KMGuy 96 months ago | reply

      Wow! Vivid conversation. I just bought a Zune yesterday and I knew that I'd find something on Flickr. People can talk all of the geek speak computer techno-talk in the world but in the end people get what they feel right right about. I'm typing this from my PowerBook so I do have an affinity for some Apple products. However, the iPod isn't one of them. For what I wanted the Zune was a better fit. 80GB at a good price point plus the FM tuner were my main reasons for going with the Zune. On the other hand if your pc is running XP it works like a champ but on Vista it's a pain in the butt getting started up. We have an XP laptop and a Vista desktop it was amazing the difference. My kids all have iPods which have been about 99% flawless so I can't really knock them either. I guess the Microsoft/Apple debate is like Ford vs. Chevy or arguing religion and politics. There's no one right answer but it's a lot of fun to throw back and forth.

    15. Christopher Cox [deleted] 94 months ago | reply


    16. reddragdiva 90 months ago | reply

      I've used your pic under CC-by here, for this, with proper credit and a link back. Thanks for putting this up and making it reusable :-)

    17. sherambles [deleted] 86 months ago | reply

      You people are getting too bent over this...too defensive over a picture.

    18. templestark 78 months ago | reply

      28 months later and Zune has taken the market by storm and made iPods insignificant as predicted RIGHT HERE! Oh wait ...

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