Before & After:

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    Update: I have a short blog post about the change too.

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    1. 74 months ago | reply

      Wish I had have thought of this ;)

    2. Ben Jacob 74 months ago | reply

      Will Obama Repaint 'White House' To blue and red color ?
      No wonder... It will be so attractive.. History.. leave that :D

    3. jonnyinmtl 74 months ago | reply

      very interesting...

    4. chalo84 74 months ago | reply

      I prefer the new one!

    5. sherambles [deleted] 74 months ago | reply

      The graphics are poorly done and awfully grainy. *cringe* I was hoping it was all shiny, but nope.

    6. Devans00 74 months ago | reply

      I like how the Presidential Administration agenda is front and center. I'm looking forward to the new being more interactive.

    7. ~Norbert 74 months ago | reply

      sherambles says:

      The graphics are poorly done and awfully grainy. *cringe* I was hoping it was all shiny, but nope.

      Are you kidding? The shiny style you also call "web 2.0" for some reason is almost dead. Finally!

    8. therainesman [deleted] 74 months ago | reply

      Looks nice, but it says nothing about the man and what kind of president he will be. Everyone is falling all over themselves to praise Obama for nothing.

      This has nothing to do with his substance. This has nothing to do with how he will govern the nation. It has everything to do with flash and style and marketing. I just hope all this polish is not the bait on the hook to drag us into ruin.

    9. überRegenbogen 74 months ago | reply

      On the surface, it doesn't seem like much more than a facelift—new graphics; moved the site map to the bottom, etc.

      The old robots file is a nightmarish morass of redundant disallow lines! It would have made much more sense to use a handful of allow lines.

    10. osovagabundo 74 months ago | reply

      to the detractors:
      this has something, not all, to do with how he will govern. the previous administration had this same opportunity and chose not to proceed. the previous admin. was infamous for poor communication with the nation they were elected to represent. this small difference in communication choice will make a difference towards the actual representation of citizens in general. it may even effect the lobby filtered communication of the house and senate as well.

    11. Paolo Bozzelli 74 months ago | reply

      That's something about what they call Change.

    12. amorlove0894 71 months ago | reply

      good change in the world w/ P,O

    13. rustedlight 69 months ago | reply

      This is how I feel about the old design: :P

      When I piss

    14. claudiooria 66 months ago | reply

      The new look is very nice!

      Claudio from Italy.

    15. huaynatejo 62 months ago | reply

      Social network about "before and after" pics:

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