FIIB Operational Excellence Conference 2013
Organizations face many challenges in improving their operations, eliminating waste, enhancing quality of product and processes to ensure sustainable growth and to maintain competitive advantage.

Every organization tries to excel and strive on continual basis and achieve excellence in their business performance matrices viz Cost, Quality, Delivery, Productivity, Market Share etc. but often many fall short of the goal. The root cause could be that organizations are living with ineffective operational systems and lack the ability to innovate.

Given the scare resources that organizations have access to, they have to meet the ever growing demands of market and stakeholders. Specially in the current uncertain economic climate, to remain competitive, it is imperative that companies revisit their operational strategies, implement break-through operational excellence programs to increase productivity, quality and profitability of their product and services.

This makes sustainable operational excellence, a necessity in today’s day and age. Through the sessions during the day we will try and understand the sustainable operational initiatives that companies are undertaking to keep abreast of competition.
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