Onion Stacking

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  1. Anthony Posey SIR:Poseyal Knight Poet of Desposyni ages ago | reply

    onion mountains scare me, once when i was very little my grand father took me to one of the places that cook theses thing and the chef cut my grandmother ear off. delete

  2. True_Bavarian ages ago | reply

    Onions make me cry....
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  3. Sebastian-Lewis ages ago | reply

    Strange, very strange.

    This is not always a good thing in a photo.

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  4. deepfruit ages ago | reply

    So, yeah, reminds me of a grade school science filmstrip, demonstrating some obscure laboratory procedure. I like the graininess, the purply-greys, and the glistening maggoty sheen on the onions.


  5. frequent gate [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Tension delete6 (delete uncensored group)

  6. Ronny H ages ago | reply

    Scan from a cheap cookbook?

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  7. Reticular ages ago | reply

    While the garlic on the left _is_ a bit distracting, it doesn't destroy the photo. I love the perfect steel spatula cutting into the organic, glistening onions.

  8. Sun Spiral ages ago | reply

    It's quite grainy. And quite an unusual photo subject. So I'll go with the save.

  9. Superchou ages ago | reply

    see note

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  10. *omnia* ages ago | reply

    this composition and subject is great, the crop is a little tight on the right hand side but overall it is an interesting pic

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  11. Big Vern - the original and best ages ago | reply

    There's something horribly compelling about the prospect of a grainy black and white picture of onion ring preparation going safe. Similar to that feeling you get when looking over the edge of a tall building...

  12. Thomas Hawk ages ago | reply

    Wow this one is neck and neck. I just keep going back and forth on this one and so I'm going to abstain. Very nice composition but the photo appears grainy and less than crisp at full view. Interesting subject matter well placed.

  13. Ralf Stockmann ages ago | reply

    Sorry, doesn't work for me.

    delete9 from delete me uncensored group.

  14. Superchou ages ago | reply

    i see you dropped a new image in the pool, one at a time... since this has been sitting for a while I am pulling this one rather than your new one...

  15. Big Vern - the original and best ages ago | reply

    but please bring it back - I'm dying to see the outcome

  16. Superchou ages ago | reply

    he can swap it for the other one and continue/finiah the voting-- I figured he wanted the new one in since this has been in the pool a very long time

  17. timtak ages ago | reply

    BTW It is not entirely clear from the group instructions that one can not have two photos in the pool (assuming that they are on different days). See deepfruit's comment elsewhere recently. I concur.

  18. Caviar ages ago | reply

    Alright. Sleepy's out. Onions are in. Yet again. It's 8 to 9. Somebody do >something<.

  19. Lawrie M ages ago | reply

    Much as I love the subject matter - I agree with deepfruit the grain and motion has made this look like a video grab. And his fingers look they were drawn in MSPaint.

    I've made it a favourite, I just couldn't lock it into the S@FE

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  20. Caviar ages ago | reply

    Hmm... I may need to work this one up a bit and resubmit. I think it still needs the garlic in the foreground, but toned down a bit.

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