Infographic matrix: Foursquare vs Facebook vs Gowalla vs Yelp vs BrightKite vs. vs Booyah vs. Loopt comparison guide

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    The location based social networking space (LBSN) fascinates me. And with the arrival of Facebook Places the space is going to heat up fast.
    But when I first set out to discover the ideal LSBN for my lifestyle it was a difficult process. There were a few comparison guides between Foursquare and Gowalla but nothing that covered all of the major players in the space. Therefore the process (at least for me) took several weeks and several experiments with each of the Tier 1 LBSN’s.
    Well instead of making you suffer through the same process, I decided to make an infographic decision guide matrix for you in order to help you decide which LBSN to use.

    Location Based Services (LBS)

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    1. ljharb 45 months ago | reply

      I work at Brightkite - how is the API limited? If it's limited, I'll be happy to un-limit it.

    2. mirjoran 45 months ago | reply

      Isn't Google Latitude worth adding to the picture? Except that: awesome graphic, thx a lot for sharing!

    3. Mark Fidelman 45 months ago | reply

      ljharb - As a business: Can you show me how to build an historic view of all my customer checkins, reviews, rewards etc. in a pivot like table?
      If you can (my developers tell me it can't be done) then I'll change the infographic. Thanks for your comments.

    4. Mark Fidelman 45 months ago | reply

      MirJoran: I looked at Google Latitude but it didn't meet the requirements of the list. Perhaps my next version (due out soon).

    5. ljharb 45 months ago | reply

      seekomega - While respecting privacy, ie, only showing you public checkins - sure. details how you can, for example, call 356a192b7913b04c54574d18c28d46e6395428ab&filter=checkins,notes,photos and get all of the public objects at that place.

      Obviously as the client, you'd have to page through the data using the `limit` and `offset` parameters, and then do your own view analysis and manipulation - but all of the public data is available in this fashion.

      Brightkite doesn't have reviews, but you can use `tips=1` to grab only tips, which might serve a similar function.

      As for rewards, that would be badges. Our badges API isn't publicly documented yet, and displaying the data tying it to places is still in development (our badges are quite new).

    6. Mark Fidelman 45 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the reply. Your API is more advanced than I realized. Still need more though :-) I'll remove the "limited" soon.

    7. Manu Marchal 45 months ago | reply

      Seekomega, excellent infographics. Thanks for compiling it.

      In addition to Latitude, you might also consider, the European equivalent of Yelp and clear leader in Europe in this space in terms of usage and coverage.

      (disclaimer: I don't work with Qype but they are using our personalized recommendation engine for locations)

    8. Mark Fidelman 45 months ago | reply

      I'll look into that thanks. Any other European LBS nominations?

    9. Luca Baldini 45 months ago | reply

      @Mark thanks for the reply!!! I was not thinking at the business side... I've looked again at the foursquare API and I agree with you: "limited" is the right definition!
      By the way, great job!!!

    10. Mark Fidelman 44 months ago | reply

      I just updated the infographic to show Foursquare's Palm support and removed the "limited" from BrightKite's API (although it still has limitations).

    11. homeward_angel04 44 months ago | reply

      BrightKite is moving away from location support, though. It's all about Group Text now. Read their latest blog entry.

      I'd also like to point out that BrightKite is 90% spammers as evidenced by their public "Everybody" posts page. I'm sure that 2.2 million number is inaccurate when you look at the high spam post count BrightKite has.

    12. playgroundmaker 43 months ago | reply

      Great! nice work. It would be great to add svngr and aki aki here.

    13. playgroundmaker 43 months ago | reply

      ..and, although we are still in beta. Create your real world games in a few clicks.

    14. playgroundmaker 43 months ago | reply

      Here is:
      SCVNGR ( undisclosed number of users, Game mechanics:earn points and unblock badges&real-world rewards, API:Yes,Dashboards: YES, Platforms MAC OSX and Android, User benefit:: create and do challenges, CEO: Seth Priebatsch, in ten words or less: play and discover cool places, gaming engine+social platform.

    15. 43 months ago | reply

      Great Job Mark, I really like the infographic. I had posted a similar topic on my blog post. You're infographic was so relevant I'd thought I'd add a second posting citing your work:

    16. realmofmirage 42 months ago | reply

      There's a new one that just popped up in the itunes store this week under the radar called It's not as creepy as the other ones and lets you tag places based on their vibe and clientele.

    17. h-e-d 42 months ago | reply

      THANK YOU, this is exactly what I've been looking for!!

    18. Helibounce 38 months ago | reply

      Hi; really good informatrix! Nice one!

      You could also add whrrl as a peer.

    19. mattisherwood 37 months ago | reply

      There usually emerges a 3rd party app that enables several of these to be linked together. Is there any such website/program/app for LBSNs, also linking it with Google map's recommendation/rating system? If not, why not? I would love to make one, but haven't the technical skills.

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