Tea Party tax day protest 2010

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    St. Paul, Minnesota

    April 15, 2010

    There was another Tea Party protest at the Minnesota capitol on April 15, tax day. Protesters call for smaller government and the repeal of the health care law enacted in March, 2010.

    Sign reads:

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    1. George Donnelly 54 months ago | reply

      "Kenyan" Ugh. Thanks for sharing.

    2. msbets1 44 months ago | reply

      Sounds good to me

    3. T. James 27 months ago | reply

      A true libertarian wouldn't care about nationality.

    4. damani40@pacbell.net 18 months ago | reply

      Change has come to America; racism is a stain that must be washed out of the body politic; racist die hard; poor souls

    5. T. James 17 months ago | reply

      When my objectivist boyfriend plays with his puppy he is rough enough for the boy to have fun but he is not going to teach the puppy that his toys are immportant. I understand progress and paradigm shifts. Racist archaic political views are funny. If I tell people to die I am just legitimising the their irrelevant views. We are living in a world where government is becoming very powerful but individuals are gaining access to an advanced international economy that is shaping their own evolution and making them more powerful than governments. Instead of letting god or government from holding them down people should try to find out what rational people want and what they themselves want to do. When we see that the world is actually getting better politics will become irrelevant and wealth and happiness will increase. Libertarians want to make the world better and we want to do it in our way, you tea baggers and and communist can do what you want in your own churches and communes as long as you drop statism and stop slapping your labels on your children. One of your problems is you try to claim entire countries just because someone you were not related to fought a war for principles you are vague on, and when that doesn't work you hide behind democracy as if the votes of those who don't understand the desires of others can result in progress.

    6. ViewPointDaily.com 2 months ago | reply

      Thanks for using Creative Commons. We used this image to introduce a commentary that suggests that more should be done to protect Barack Obama's legacy (this is obviously from a left-of-center perspective, but we cover both sides of issues): www.viewpointdaily.com/2015/01/our-44th-president-defendi... We provided you with attribution and a link.

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