dead fish blowout

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    Cut-paper collage postcard created for the Kollage Kit theme: "Design a cover for a book, real or imagined."

    When I read about this week's challenge, the phrase "Dead Fish Blowout" popped into my head and refused to get dislodged. And when I asked myself who the author would be, the name "Carrothead Haynes" popped in. I imagine this as a comic-absurd novel set in the United States, sometime in the first half of the 20th century.

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    1. FarStarr 62 months ago | reply

      dumpsterdiversanonymous I already have it on hold... :P

    2. Fi Webster 62 months ago | reply

      bluemama Domaine du Réal Mandy Fariello Patti Sundstrom trouble weeks Jenny Kennedy dumpsterdiversanonymous Thank you all so much! This is unexpectedly gratifying: I seem to have brought not just a cover, but a whole book, into a vague sort of life. It makes me wish I were a real novelist and could write the book. Whatever it's about, I think it would have to involve the circus...and a huge party with lots of bizarre and yet charmingly quaint dialogue...

    3. FarStarr 62 months ago | reply

      Fi Webster Oh, I EXPECT it to be bizarre... :P

    4. Adamandia K. (ellipsisigh) 62 months ago | reply

      where are the red numbers along the outside border from?

    5. Fi Webster 62 months ago | reply

      Adamandia K. Hi Adamandia! The red numbers are a paper tape sold by Cavallini. They have one set of 5 tapes with numbers on them, and another set with letters.

    6. Danielle Maret 62 months ago | reply

      This is really great Fiona, I love all the red bits.

    7. enmodabber 62 months ago | reply

      Very nice collage.

    8. Otto Magus 62 months ago | reply

      This is brilliantly done, Fi, a great cover for the book. On the back cover of the paperback edition I see the following:

      "In the tiny backwoods town of Hooterville, Old Ma Strumpett was removing her false teeth when the corpse of a medium-sized salmon erupted from the back of her throat. Soon, other members of her family were having similar experiences. Her nephew Hank blew three plates of sushi out of his ears while playing banjo at the local hoedown. Grand-daughter Daisy Mae sneezed a school of piranhas and only avoided serious injury because the carnivorous fish were stone cold dead.

      The epidemic soon spread to other parts of the country. Seemingly, no one was immune. A national emergency was finally called when the President of the United States blew out a sperm whale during a routine prostate examination...."

    9. Fi Webster 62 months ago | reply

      Otto Magus =sputtering= Ohmygod, you made me laugh so hard, Otto! "...a sperm whale during a routine prostrate exam...." =choke= Thank you so much...I think...

    10. dumpsterdiversanonymous 62 months ago | reply

      Oh....THAT kind of dead fish blow-out.....

    11. FarStarr 62 months ago | reply

      Shortly after I blurted out "Baloney in My Lunch" as a musical theme last night at the improv, I thought that I should have suggested "Dead Fish Blowout".....maybe next time...

    12. Fi Webster 62 months ago | reply

      I actually intended "blowout" in the sense of a party or a drunken rampage, but hey! it's supposed to be ambiguous...

    13. aprendizdascoisas 62 months ago | reply

      fantastic! witty as usual!love it!

    14. Fi Webster 62 months ago | reply

      fernando manuel Thanks so much, Fernando!

    15. Fi Webster 62 months ago | reply

      misscorbeau Kerri, you're such a pal!

    16. dumpsterdiversanonymous 61 months ago | reply

      This has got some great texture in person! Love all the red accents, too.

    17. Fi Webster 61 months ago | reply

      dumpsterdiversanonymous 'Glad it got there safely! Did you get the packet with the fish zine?

    18. dumpsterdiversanonymous 61 months ago | reply

      Fi Webster Twenty-eight fish arrived as well. Sent a little postcard back to you. Thanks for the comma comments.....I have found a few overly comma-y spots, in the Eraser zine!

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