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AquaridMeteor@PerseidNight_2016_08_12_00-45UT_200mm_SX36_L-ProFilter_240sec_200mm_A7sDS_IDAS-V4_filter_32xmono&32xRGBasbackground_sameExposureParams_EQ8unguided_oneSingleSubframe | by Ritzelmut
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Now the colour version. During the "Perseid night" I had a lot of luck (and maybe also a kind of skilled serendipity). Tons of luck indead that the meteor is captured in both systems (regarding the 10 sec+ CCD downloading time which is an effective exposure pause). Through the middle of a relatively tiny sky area (FOV 7. 2 x 10. 8 °) I could capture this meteor (which is, however, no Perseid but probably a late Delta-Aquariid) crossing Andromeda Galaxy and with multiple outbursts.

Technique: parallel exposure with two imaging systems:

(1) Canon 200mm/F1.8 (open), SX-36, L-pro filter, 240 sec exposure time,

(2) Canon 200mm/F1.8 (open), Sony A7s (CentralDS modded), ISO 3200, IDAS-V4 filter, 90 sec

both on EQ8 mount unguided.

Final image processed with 32 subframes from each system for the galaxy and the stars resulting in a L-RGB image.

Tenerife, 1180 m alt, 2016-08-12 00:45 UT

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Uploaded on August 14, 2016