#FindFolicAcid Greenville, SC
At La Unica Supercenter in Greenville, South Carolina, we found very few brands of corn masa flour included folic acid, and no corn tortillas were made with fortified corn masa flour.

In January 2019 we are asking US consumers to help us see if this is true in other markets.

Corn masa flour is a specially treated product used for tortillas, tamales, pupusas and other foods commonly consumed primarily by Hispanics of Mexican and Central American descent. In the United States, grain products labeled ‘enriched’ must contain folic acid, but this does not apply to corn masa flour.

Folic acid (vitamin B9) helps prevent serious brain and spine birth defects. The lack of folic acid in corn masa flour and corn tortillas is likely one reason that Hispanic women in the US have a 21% higher chance of having a baby with a brain or spine birth defect than non-Hispanics.

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