Former DVD Collection

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    These photos were taken a year ago when I decided to sell off 80% of my DVD collection. I still have a couple hundred left. There are about 850 discs on the table. The ones on the shelves were some of the ones I decided to keep.

    1. Shirl O 105 months ago | reply

      isn't there a phrase in the book Clutter's Last stand: do you own your possessions or do they own you?

    2. feverblue 105 months ago | reply

      They were beginning to own me. Still do to a certain extent.

    3. concrete cornfields 105 months ago | reply

      i think my dvd collection is owning me. because i haven't watched 40% of my dvd's yet i continue to buy new ones

    4. feverblue 105 months ago | reply

      Yeah. I think that there was always that thought that I was saving them for a time when I could settle back and watch them. But who was I kidding? When that day comes, all these movies will be just as accessible. And I did keep about 200 hundred or so fo instant gratification...

    5. skampy 104 months ago | reply

      i think i own like 5 dvds. maybe 6. i own the crap out of them. :)

    6. blueeyesentertainment 104 months ago | reply

      I can sypathise - I also suffer from this habit and yes, most of them are unwatched. Have a look at my collection.

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