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    Joseph Kosuth. Four Words Four Colors (1965) - Detail

    Reminded me of Neil Young song

    Someone and someone
    were down by the pond
    Looking for something
    to plant in the lawn.
    Out in the fields they
    were turning the soil
    I'm sitting here hoping
    this water will boil
    When I look through the windows
    and out on the road
    They're bringing me presents
    and saying hello.

    Singing words, words ... between the lines of age.
    Words, words ... between the lines of age......

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    1. TW Collins 93 months ago | reply

      Perfect pairing of two outstanding artists... Well done!
      Seen in "Tell it with a song and a photo"'

    2. nashworld 75 months ago | reply

      Hey there,

      Thanks so much for sharing your work. As a teacher and fellow photographer, I appreciate it greatly. I used your image tonight (fully attributed & linked) to help illustrate a post about online writing on my blog: nashworld.edublogs.org/2008/12/20/writing-online-what-rea...

      Again, I hope you approve of this use and I thank you much!


    3. bkwdayton 75 months ago | reply


      We'd love to have your photo in our SINGLE WORDS theme contest.
      Color Photo Award - PREMIER
      Find out about all our current contests at CONTEST CENTRAL

    4. cynarmeswrites 49 months ago | reply

      Beautiful! Exactly what I was looking for today to accompany my blog entry -- of course, with full attribution. Thanks Feuillu!

    5. cynarmeswrites 49 months ago | reply

      Thank you for allowing use with attribution. I posted at my Plum Point blog today to accompany my posting on writing discipline today: cynarmeswrites.wordpress.com/2011/03/02/shut-up-sit-down-...

    6. Pierre Metivier 49 months ago | reply

      @cynarmeswrites : Thanks for letting me know.

    7. neezes 47 months ago | reply

      Great shot, I used it in my blog post wordingtheimage.blogspot.com/2011/04/do-we-think-in-words...
      It's all about whether we think in words :) Many thanks.

    8. elliebligh 41 months ago | reply

      Hey Feuillu, I love this image and would like to use it as a banner for my copy writing blog. I will give you full attribution and send you a link shortly. Let me know if this is OK.

      Many thanks :)

    9. Pierre Metivier 41 months ago | reply

      Fine with me. Cheers

    10. biancazar 35 months ago | reply

      This photo is awesome! Please add it to the All About Writing group:

    11. DrGregWaddell 30 months ago | reply

      Hi Pierre, I just used your photo for a blog post on www.LeadStrategic.com/ I hope you approve of its use. Of course, I gave you credit and created a link back to the source. Warm regards.

    12. MichelleD67 13 months ago | reply

      This is a great image. We used it on a blog post (www.raintoday.com/blog/the-power-of-words/), and people seem to like it. You have been given attribution, and the post links back to the photo page on Flickr.

    13. Bob Brinkmann 3 months ago | reply

      Thanks for making it available. I used it on my blog here with credit. bobbrinkmann.blogspot.com/2014/12/6-productivity-tips-for...

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