2006-12-31 Daphne's House
We went to Daphne's house to see her new donkeys. So I decided to take some more AutoKAP shots to compare to the last time I took shots in October. Unfortunately the winds were gusting and turbulent. And my kite ended up in a tree. You can read about it in Bill Wilson's blog here www.steadywinds.com/archives/2006/12/31/new-years-eve-kit... . He also has a couple of pics in his Flickr shots, see www.flickr.com/photos/steadywinds/340037045/ for a pic of the tree that caught my kite and www.steadywinds.com/flickr/photo/340036881/Daphenes_Hobby... for a shot of his Frogakku and my Rok Climber just after we got my kite ut of the tree..
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