• My Server running Windows 2003 Small Business Server. This is where I host my website, email, and blog. Exhange 2003, IIS 6.0, MySQL, Moveable Type and Trend Micro Corperate Scan (network/server) Virus Scan.
  • My Desktop Computer, a dual core AMD X2 Athlon CPU based machine.
  • My Work Laptop a Compaq Evo 610c
  • My personal laptop, a Sony FX150K
  • Apple G4 550Mhz. Macintosh
  • Dual 19" Trinitron Monitors
  • Klipsch Promedia 2.1 THX Speakers, Sound Amazing!
  • Uniden 5.8Ghz. Base Station/Speaker Phone
  • Directional Wireless antenna from Hawking Technologies, which is connected to a Linksys Wireless G Speedbooster Access Point.
  • My laptop backpack, I lug this around everywhere, but mostly to/from work.
  • 8 Port Linksys 10/100 Switch (links up the slow non gigabit stuff)
  • showing apple pride.
  • Desktop books: Windows SBS 2003 Admin, OSX for UNIX Geeks, Moveable Type, iPod Book, HipHop Dictionary, Metrosexual Guide to Style, Field Guide to the North American Bird, and Emotional Branding by Marc Gobe (because I dig marketing and branding).
  • Columbus BlueJacket's Puck
  • Farrakahn Flyer, someone put on my car at the state of the city address I went to... guessing they didn't know I was a white guy... The flyer cracks me up the subject of the flyer: "Reparations: What does America and Europe Owe?"
  • Toys on Monitor: few VW scale model buses, a model P-51 Mustang, my Name Plate from Qwest Communications (when I left I kept it), and two dice from the Sands Hotel.
  • 3M Post-It Note Pop-up thingy.. I use this thing all the time.
  • Injection Molded VW Beetle Convertable, given out by VW at the Detroit Auto Show.
  • Beastie Boy's Sticker I got at a Root's/Van Hunt/Blackalicious show.
  • Green Giraffe Drink Mixer Thingy, We have a bunch from our favorite restraunt in C-Bus Alana's...
  • SanDisk USB2 Flash Card Reader.
  • Random Magazine Stack... Usually made up of technology, car, fashion/culture and news magazines.
  • Tomy Watergame's (with the Dolphin), where you try to get the rings on the nose of the dolphin or whatever it is...
  • Train whistle from the band Trainwreck (Kyle Gass of Tenacious D's new band), who I was out opening up for on a few tours, they are now good friends of ours.
  • Eyeglass case for my glasses... Complete with Versace certificate, woo hoo... haha. If I can see through them, and I don't look horrible in them, I don't care what brand they are.. since they all come from the same Luxotica factory.
  • Trash Can, which we fill up honestly about twice a week, with paper and misc stuff from the mail, etc.
  • Microsoft Natural Keyboard, connected to a two port KVM to switch one of the montiors between the second video output of my desktop Windows XP system, and my Macintosh.

    The server I only access via terminal services, if I really need to jump on the box I will hard connect to it.
  • this is for in case that the apple men come looking for apple users, sort of like the sticker you put on children's windows for fireman to see them, - Matthew Clark Photography & Design
  • Dude, you should recycle your paper. :-) - heylookltsme
  • Actually I do recycle now (this pic is old), 95% of what stuff we take in gets recycled.
  • how relax are you in ^_^ - ABDULLAH.F

Home Office - My Desk - Old 2005

Newer Older

UPDATED: This photo is over five years old and is out-dated. If you are interested in seeing what my half of our office looks like Click Here. I've switched almost entirely over to Mac and things are a lot simpler overall.

Old Description of Office as it Was in 2005:
I spend a lot of time here. It's my half of our home office (my wife has the other half). I work out of my house about 40% of the time, and my wife works out of the house in the evenings and weekends. We both work a good bit... so we are in this room more than any other in our house.

Anyways, my side of our office is filled with tech stuff. I have two large tower cases (one is a server, the other is my desktop), my work laptop, my personal laptop and my Macinotsh G4.

These machines connect to another group of computers in my basement (I have six runs of CAT5e cabling between my 2nd floor office and basement). I run my firewall (Smoothwall), two test linux systems, and another Windows XP machine running next to my music/audio stuff, all out of my basement to avoid the complete geek overrun of the office. In fact soon the server and desktop machines will also move to the basement and into a custom rack enclosure (along with my other mess of boxes downstairs) I will then build another AMD dual core system to be my desktop computer. As my current desktop is headed to be a virtualization server (VMWare) which will act as a test bed /home lab for me.

All the fast stuff connects via gigabit ethernet (Server, Main Desktop, G4 Macintosh, downstairs XP machine and my wife's HP nc8230 laptop), the other stuff has to stay in the slow lane with fast ethernet connections, or wireless connections if I feel like walking about.

Click here to see a photo of our book case on the other side of the room.

Here is a link to the photo of my real office which isn't nearly as exciting.

NOTE: This photo made it into Flickr's 'Explore" as one of the top five hundred most interesting photos on a particular day. You can see all of my photo's that have made it into the Flickr Explore pages here.

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    Looks like you caught the same bug I did! :-)

  4. MAREXdesign 86 months ago | reply

    wish this was my work space!

  5. fensterbme 86 months ago | reply

    @itysonlicious: IKEA

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    Great shot!

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  11. CatsFive 73 months ago | reply

    Schwing. I like that keyboard. I used to use it, too. I like the tactile feeling of the softer, less-travel springy keys on the Macbook pro now. Ah well. But I miss ergo keyboards. I wish Mac made one.

  12. dorian-grey [deleted] 72 months ago | reply

    i really love to see other people's home work space compared to mine--it helps to give me ideas in the future--awesome photo and details

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    nice place ... but i reallly dont like that keyboard.

  17. fensterbme 54 months ago | reply

    Okay folks, it's been a long time... but this photo is now five years old, and in the last couple of months most everything has changed. Below is two photos of what things look like now, if you want to read more in depth of exactly what is what Click Here.

    my desk

    - and -


  18. gavinvz 41 months ago | reply

    Awesome set up.

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