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    Out to dinner in Chicago at Big Bowl with Dan and Jimmy... We met up with our good friend Becca who used to live in Columbus with us and is a very close friend.

    1. photosam 98 months ago | reply

      The ambient light is very well balanced with the flash. Did you use anything to diffuse it?

    2. fensterbme 97 months ago | reply

      @photosam: Nope... Flash shot up at th ceiling with my white card pulled up out of my Canon 580EX.

    3. photosam 97 months ago | reply

      It works very well. The faces in the background don't have unnatural colour casts.

      I think it might be time to upgrade my flashgun. I see that white card used a lot when I'm around other photographers.

    4. Dan P. B. 97 months ago | reply

      any post-processing on this? fill-light? if not, this is excellent

      quick question - do you use your diffuser (sto-fen) if you bounce straight up?

      I need to pick up some sort of diffuser, but I wonder if they are typically used for bouncing straight up/behind as bouncing seems to diffuse the light a bit, imo.

    5. fensterbme 97 months ago | reply

      @...Dan: Some minor post processing but not a whole bunch (mostly just basic adjustments in Lightroom). In this shot I shot the flash straight up with the white card on my 580EX flash half way up (to direct a bit of the light forward, but not to much).

      On your question... How do I bounce when I bounce straight up. Only use difusers if there isn't a ceiling/wall that will work for me. Sometimes I will shoot it up, use the white card and get a minor 'puff' of flash to go foward.

      If I use a STO-FEN OmniBounce, I usually shoot it straight up (not at an angle or straight on) and then adjust the E-TTL flash level to taste... Lastly I've been using a Gary Fong LightSphere Cloud I've been likeing an using as of late. The OmniBounce is great for compact and easy travel, but it can be harsh and uneven at times.

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