Obama Rally

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    Wide angle shot at the Change We Need Rally on the Ohio Statehouse Lawn. This photo is most definately best viewed large. You can also view the rest of the photos from this rally by clicking on my tag for changeweneed.

    The biggest political event size wise in Columbus city history, with over 60,000 people in attendance.

    NOTE: This photo made it into Flickr's 'Explore" as one of the top five hundred most interesting photos on a particular day. You can see all of my photo's that have made it into the Flickr Explore pages here.

    1. eraut ages ago | reply

      WOW! Amazing shot. Now that's a sea of people.
      Thanks for shooting this... I would have been so claustrophobic!

    2. coordinated group [deleted] ages ago | reply

      If this doesn't look presidential, I don't know what does.

    3. Karin RK ages ago | reply

      Awesome! This is such a great shot of the mass.

    4. Red Dogs ages ago | reply

      Wonderful shot to show the size of the event. We were there about 11:45 and could only get about 50 feet in from Broad street.

    5. Matthew Carbone ages ago | reply

      I wonder where they all parked!!! (JK)

      Its great to see this.

    6. -Q- ages ago | reply

      Wow! Awesome shot Bryan.

    7. jeffrey t. horvath ages ago | reply

      an amazing sight to see.

    8. RZen ages ago | reply

      Amazing wide angle shot, very well composed.

    9. Richard- ages ago | reply

      That's great Bryan. Well done. Great that you were there and could get a decent vantage point. He's been pulling big crowds all along but the crowds this last week have been stupendous. I would be delighted if he won Ohio decisively.

    10. fensterbme ages ago | reply

      Thanks all it was a beautiful day to be outside, not to mention the feeling of watching something historic...

      @Ohio Bat Girl: I showed up about 20 minutes before the Rally started, and just started snapping. I had a press pass which made getting closer with unobstructed views much easier.

      @Richard-: You aren't the only one hoping that he takes Ohio...

    11. Richard- ages ago | reply

      Bryan, are you going to the inauguration with your press pass? I think it might be the photo op of a lifetime.

    12. kiowas ages ago | reply

      great shot!

    13. red head10 ages ago | reply

      Outstanding shot! The Change We Need!

    14. Davey.. ages ago | reply

      Awesome shot.

    15. Samuel Barr Photography ages ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Pictures with Frames (post a max of 5 per day), and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    16. ...I light up the sky 118 months ago | reply

      Amazing! I'd love to view it large but your page is private. I was there! Right behind the podium, in fact. It was a blast!

    17. fensterbme 118 months ago | reply

      @taidan5: Yeah I restrict things a good bit more, too many companies and publications trying to lift my images in general so I clamped things down a good bit.

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